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'We Are Going to Rectify Nehru's Mistakes in Kashmir, Won't Stop': PM in Parliament | HIGHLIGHTS

If Congress stalwarts like Nehru and Indira Gandhi never believed in Indians or their aspirations, why would the citizens believe in Congress now?", Modi asked.

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PM Modi in Lok Sabha
PM Modi in Lok Sabha | Image:ANI

New Delhi: In a fiery speech, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday expressed disappointment over the Opposition for not coming up with innovative solutions but stooping to petty politics while replying to the President's address. PM Modi was replying to the discussion on the Motion of Thanks on the President's address. This was PM Modi's last address on the floor of the Lower House before the country goes to polls in 2024. The debate, which began on Friday, will conclude on Monday. The President delivers a special address every year to a joint sitting of both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha in the first session of every fiscal year. After a new government is elected to power, the President also delivers a special address. The motion of thanks should be passed in the House. If the motion is defeated, then the government of the day falls.


  • PM Modi on Corruption: “Stopped Rs 3 lakh crore from going into the hands of the corrupt due to Direct Benefit Transfer Schemes,” PM Modi said. We have used money from the corrupt behind funding schemes for the poor - PM Modi
  • "Kept Inflation Under Check Despite 2 Wars and Pandemic: Whenever Congress comes to power, there have been double-digit inflation," said PM Modi
  • PM Modi on Price Rise: “Whenever Congress comes to power, there was inflation. There is historical evidence….Nehru had time and again conceded that price rise couldn't be controlled. During Indira Gandhi's rule, the inflation rate was 30%.”
  • Laying vision for third term, PM Modi said that Indian government is working towards becoming a manufacturing hub, becoming independent in green energy.
  • From North to South, from East to West, people have seen the pending projects being completed in a time-bound manner - PM Modi in Lok Sabha
  • PM Modi on Woman Emancipation and Female Empowerment: “We have changed the mindset of Indians – women are no longer seen as liabilities or burden anymore. Today, my mothers and sisters are the leaders, the breadwinners and the owners.”
  • Congress Didn't Even Respect OBC Leaders: Talking about Bharat Ratna awardee Karpoori Thakur, PM Modi said, “Congress conspired to remove Thakur from Bihar CM. They insulted such a tall OBC leader. They even forget that I am an OBC.”
  • 25 Crore People Have Come Out Of Poverty In The Last 10 Years: "We have fought for the poor. We gave poor the respect and support in this country – from health insurance to pacca houses to bank accounts. They have now defeated poverty," said PM Modi.
  • Our Third Term Will Usher In Big Changes That Will Resonate For The Next 1000 Years: PM Modi's Bold Prediction
  • The Whole Nation Was Re-Built on Ram Mandir
  • We Have Moved Away From Colonial Era Laws: We have put an end to 40,000 compliances and gotten rid of irrelevant laws like IPC and CRPC
  • PM Modi Hails Women For The Development Of The Nation: Now, the whole world is talking about the achievements of our women. 
  • In Third Term, We will Work For Vikshit Bharat: PM Modi
  • Congress Thought They Were Rulers: The Gandhis and Nehrus thought so low of Indians. They were more concerned about their family. They can't think beyond their families.
  • From 11th Biggest Economy During 2014 Interim Budget We Are 4th In 2024 Interim Budget - Taking a dig at then Finance Minister Chidambaram's prediction, PM Modi said, "Chidambaram saw India as the third largest country in 30 years. We have done it in 10 years. In my third term, we will be the third largest…Congress forgot how to see dreams.
  • Cancel Culture - If we say Vande Bharat train, Congress says cancel…if we say Make In India, they say cancel. How long will you keep this hatred within you?
  • PM Modi's Veiled Dig at Rahul Gandhi: They are trying to launch the same product again and again
  • How Long Will You Divide This Country: PM Modi loses his cool while attacking Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury and Congress
  • PM Modi raises Parivarbad in Parliament: Nation suffered due to dynastic politics. "Ghulam Nabi Azad was also a victim of this Parivarbad," says PM Modi.
  • The people will fulfill INDI alliance's resolve to be in the opposition for a long time
  • Many in the opposition have lost the courage to face elections.
  • A lot of you are seen to be changing parties.



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