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Republic Summit | Navy Chief Admiral Hari Kumar Uses IPL Analogy To Explain Pincer Vision

During the Republic summit, Navy chief Admiral R. Hari Kumar used IPL's analogy to explain some of maritime force's deployments in the LAC.

Republic Summit 2023
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Prateek Arya
Republic Summit | Navy Chief Adm Hari Kumar uses 'IPL Analogy' to explain Pincer Vision

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In the ongoing 3rd edition of the Republic Summit, Admiral R. Hari Kumar addressed the event on the theme ‘TIME OF TRANSFORMATION’ at Taj Palace, New Delhi. While expressing his thoughts on a variety of subjects relating to the Indian navy and its development, the admiral made a mention of the IPL. He highlighted the newly introduced Impact player rule in the coveted league and expressed how some of the navy's deployments are quite like the game-changing rule that is being practiced in IPL 2023.

During his remarkable conversation with Abhishek Kapoor in the 3rd edition of the Republic Summit, Navy Chief R. Hari Kumar explained how the impact player's rule is not only limited to the game of cricket. Admiral stated that some of the navy's deployments at LAC could be termed as the maritime force's version of Impact player rule.

"I just want to say that, this being the IPL season, I"ll use an analogy from cricket, of the Impact player. I would say use of P8i you know along the LAC or the deployments of the navy in the matter domain they are quite you know like the impact player in the IPL."   

What is the IPL Impact Player's rule that Admiral R. Hari Kumar used?

The Impact Player's rule has been introduced in the recent edition i.e., the 16th season of the Indian Premier League (IPL). As per, the Impact rule each team gets the provision of naming up to 5 players at the time of the toss. These players will be in addition to the playing XI and at any point in the game one of the players from the list of 5 can substitute any member of the playing XI. The player who comes in as a substitute would be the impact player of the team.  

Republic Summit 2023

The two-day summit with the theme "Time of Transformation" held in New Delhi on April 25 and 26 is witnessing the most respected and influential voices from an intersection of governance, politics, spirituality, economy, policy, business, global affairs, and beyond.

This year's biggest news event is graced by India's business visionary Uday Kotak, who delivered a keynote at the Republic Summit 2023, Uday Kotak is the managing director and CEO of Kotak Mahindra Bank. Digital tech visionary Sridhar Vembhu also attended the Republic Summit. The list of speakers also includes Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma and India's leading strategist and thought leader, S Gurumurthy, who also attended the 3rd edition of the Republic Summit.

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