Published Feb 9, 2024 at 5:28 PM IST

Why Pakistan Army Won't Let Imran Khan Come Back In Power |Major Gaurav

In this latest episode, Major Gaurav Arya talks about the why Imran Khan's Wife Bushra Bibi doesn't want to stay in the house jail and has request the court to send her to an actual jail much like her husband and some other PTI members. He shares a detailed analysis on why the Pakistan Army won't ever let Imran Khan come back into power. 

He also discusses the ongoing war between the Houthis and America, Iran approving its new visa-waiver programme for 33 countries including India but excluding Pakistan. 
He also shares the details of IAF clearing proposals to purchase three more AWACS

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AWACS | Imran Khan | Bushra Bibi | USA | Houthis | Red Sea | Indian Air Force | Major Gaurav Arya 

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