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Michael Jordan Vs LeBron James: 73% NBA Fans Suggest MJ Is Way Better Than LBJ In Poll

Michael Jordan vs LeBron James: In a recent fan poll, 73% of NBA fans believe Michael Jordan is far superior in terms of skill compared to LeBron James.

michael jordan vs lebron james

In a recent NBA poll, fans have seemingly put an end to the Michael Jordan vs LeBron James Greatest Of All Time (GOAT) debate with 73 percent of fans voting for the Bulls legend. The NBA GOAT debate has raged on since the release of Micael Jordan's documentary The Last Dance, and the ESPN-Netflix docu-series has provided NBA fans with a timely reminder of the six-time NBA champion's skills on the court. Michael Jordan swept past LeBron James in all 17 categories and was popular even among the younger generation, thanks to The Last Dance's popularity. 

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Michael Jordan vs LeBron James: NBA poll claims Michael Jordan is a superior player to LeBron James

In an NBA poll conducted by ESPN to settle the Michael Jordan vs LeBron James debate, 73 percent of fans voted in favour of the Chicago Bulls legend and believe he was far superior to the Lakers main man. The NBA poll had 600 respondents that were split evenly into two age groups: 18-34 and 35 and older. Michael Jordan was a winner in both categories by 79% and 66%. The six-time NBA champion came out on top in all 17 precise questions, including ones that asked respondents to compare their individual abilities on the court and categories off the court.

A vast majority (76 percent) of fans thought Jordan was the better choice compared to James to take a game-winning shot, and 74 percent trusted 'His Airness' to come through in a clutch situation. LeBron James fared better in the questions asking which player was the superior defensive player, with Jordan only claiming victory by 18% points, while the same margin separated the two in terms of passing. Here are all the categories in the ESPN NBA poll and the results along with them.

Criteria Michael Jordan LeBron James

Better sneaker for fashion



Better sneaker to ball in

77% 23%

Pick for the game-winning shot 

76% 24%

Come through in the clutch 

74% 26%

Spectacular to watch play 

74% 26%

Better player overall

73% 27%

Win one-on-one to 21 

67% 33%

The top pick to start a team

66% 34%

Better offensive player

65% 35%

Better "look"

65% 35%

Have a drink with

65% 35%

Choose as a teammate 

63% 37%

Positive impact off-court 

62% 38%

Better defensive player 

59% 41%

Better passer 

59% 41%

Trust to pass you the ball 

57% 43%

NBA was better all-around

71% 29%

Michael Jordan vs LeBron James: Michael Jordan NBA stats

Michael Jordan featured in 1,072 NBA games during his career, averaging 38.3 minutes per game. Michael Jordan NBA stats include a field goal percentage of 49.7 percent, while he had a 32.7 percent three-point field goal percentage. Michael Jordan averaged 30.1 points per game, the highest in NBA history, and boasts of 6.2 rebounds and 5.3 assists per game. The Bulls legend is fifth on the list of most points scored in NBA history, having amassed 32,292 points in his career. 

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Michael Jordan vs LeBron James: LeBron James NBA stats

LeBron James has featured in 1,258 NBA games so far, averaging 38.4 minutes per game. The Lakers star is the third-highest points scorer in NBA history, scoring 34,087 points at an average of 27.1 per game. LeBron James NBA stats include a field goal percentage of 50.4 percent, while he has a 34.4 percent three-point field goal percentage and has recorded an average of 7.4 rebounds and 7.4 assists per game.

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