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Leonardo DiCaprio Appears In The Last Dance Celebrating With Michael Jordan, Bulls In 1998

The final episode of The Last Dance saw a cameo appearance for a young Leonardo DiCaprio. DiCaprio appeared after the 1998 Finals to congratulate Michael Jordan

Leonardo DiCaprio

The Last Dance final episode saw Michael Jordan winning his sixth and final NBA championship as the series emotionally drew curtains on his legendary Bulls career. The 1998 NBA Finals saw the Bulls beat Utah Jazz 4-2 and Michael Jordan being awarded his NBA Finals MVP. Among all the bells and whistles of the celebration after the 1998 Finals, a young Leonardo DiCaprio making a cameo appearance in the finale is being seen by fans as one of the highlights of the documentary's final episodes.

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After Game 6 of the 1998 Finals, then-24-year-old Leonardo DiCaprio appeared backstage to congratulate Michael Jordan on his sixth NBA championship. While Leonardo DiCaprio didn't appear to strike a conversation with the Bulls legend, his congratulatory message was rightly noted and appreciated by eagle-eyed fans. ThenTitanic star said, "You did some beautiful stuff just now, man. That was poetic."

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Leonardo DiCaprio appearance: Leonardo DiCaprio and Michael Jordan

In 1998, Leonardo DiCaprio was already an established Hollywood star, especially after the success of Titanic, which released in 1997. Despite being one of the most famous celebrities in 1998, DiCaprio's recognition dwarfed in comparison to Michael Jordan, who was arguably the most recognised athlete on the planet in the 1990s. Just before the 1998 NBA Finals, DiCaprio starred in Randall Wallace's The Man with the Iron Mask. Michael Jordan said in the series that he watched DiCaprio's action drama before Game 6. The Bulls legend even referred to DiCaprio as 'The Man with the Iron Face'.

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Despite Leonardo DiCaprio's fleeting cameo in The Last Dance final episode, fans seemed to have enjoyed the apparent first meeting between one of the NBA's greatest and one of Hollywood's greatest. Here's how fans reacted to the Leonardo DiCaprio appearance in The Last Dance.

With The Last Dance final episode airing on Sunday, fans got on opportunity to relive Jordan's legendary Bulls career. While the documentary encapsulates Jordan's successful stint with the Bulls, the aftermath of the 1998 NBA Finals was not touched upon in the 10-part docu-series. After the 1997-98 season, the likes of Steve Kerr, Dennis Rodman and Scottie Pippen were all traded by the Bulls while head coach Phil Jackson was shown the door by then-GM, Jerry Krause. Michael Jordan ended up announcing his retirement in January 1999 and just like that, the core of the Bulls' legendary dynasty was dismantled within a year of their second three-peat. Since their 1998 triumph, Bulls are yet to win another NBA title and have been stuck in a rebuild for over 20 years now. 

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