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Atlanta Dream 'close To Being Sold' After Players Resent Co-owner Loeffler's BLM Stance

According to recent reports, WNBA team Atlanta Dream – co-owned by Kelly Loeffler – will soon be sold where the former will have no association with it.

Atlanta Dream

As the Black Lives Matter movement gained traction last year, WNBA and Atlanta Dream players grew vocal about not supporting Kelly Loeffler. Her words against BLM and in support of Donald Trump irked the players – who were at the centre of athletes protests in the USA, even dedicating their stay at the Wubble to Breonna Taylor. Now, after months of speculation, reports state that the Atlanta Dream is closed to being sold off.

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Atlanta Dream co-owner Kelly Loeffler vs WNBA

“As it relates to the Atlanta Dream, we understand a sale of the franchise is close to being finalized,” the WNBA said while issuing a statement. However, more information will be provided only after the deal is finalised. While speaking to ESPN last July, Loeffler addressed talks about the players wanting her out. “I intend to own the team. I am not going," she had said, claiming that they cannot push her out for having her own views. Now, however, Loeffler seems to be heading out of the league. 

While Loeffler was said to be out of major decisions being made, her presence was not appreciated. She was once seen with Chester Doles – a known white supremacist. While she claimed to be unaware of who he was, the damage was done. She even referred to BLM as a group acting on "Marxist principles" moving to destroy the USA. Additionally, she also spoke about BLM being anti-Semitic and not supporting the nuclear family. 

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Is Atlanta Dream sold?

During the elections, WNBA players openly supported Loeffler's then-opponent Democrat Raphael Warnock. After neither side received a majority in November, a special election was held – where Warnock beat Loeffler.

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Atlanta Dream net worth

As per People Ai, the Dream is worth $358 million. Founded in 2008, the team is owned by Dream Too LLC made up of Mary Brock and Loeffler. Qualifying for nine playoffs in 12 years, the team is yet to win a WNBA title. 

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