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Dennis Rodman's Father Had 29 Children With 16 Mothers And Met NBA Star Only Once: Report

Chicago Bulls star Dennis Rodman's father left his mother over 50 years ago and Rodman did not see his father until they met in 2012 in the Philippines.

Dennis Rodman

In his 1996 memoir Bad As I Want To Be, Dennis Rodman admitted to not knowing his father well. Rodman's father left his mother over 50 years ago and he did not see his father until they met in 2012. Dennis Rodman was in Phillippines when the NBA legend agreed to meet with father for some time. Here is what the man known as the Dennis Rodman father had to say after he confirmed the Philander Rodman 29 kids news.

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Philander Rodman 29 kids: Dennis Rodman father confirms that he has 29 kids with 16 women

Philander Rodman Jr, who had admitted to fathering 29 children with 16 women, was 'happy and surprised' when Rodman agreed to meet him. While talking to Associated Press, he stated that he had once tried to meet Rodman after his game in Manila in 2006. Philander had been living in Phillippines for most of his life and wanted Dennis Rodman to know he did not abandon their family in the USA. However, both of them could only greet each other and shake hands.

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Dennis Rodman father: Dennis Rodman mother moved to Dallas after his father left them

In his memoir, Rodman admitted that he never knew his father who left them when he was only a kid. He worked with the Air Force in New Jersey, where Dennis Rodman was born. He wrote that when he was only three years old, his mother brought them back to Dallas after his father had 'stopped coming home'. The NBA star explained that his father is not a part of his life, there has been nothing to miss and only thinks of him as someone who brought him 'into this world'.

Rodman further added that he grew up with his mother and sisters – Debra and Kim. Dennis Rodman mother raised him alone after they moved to Dallas, there Rodman grew up. He had no 'male role model' in his life till he joined college and then got his his 'act together'. 

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Philander Rodman 29 kids: Dennis Rodman father reunites with son

In 2012, AP reported that Dennis Rodman's father ran a business called Rodman's Rainbow Obamaburger in the Phillippines. He appeared on the restaurant's website while wearing a jersey which said 'Rodman' instead of 'Chicago'. Philander Rodman, after meeting with Rodman, stated that he felt really good and thought it would be the start of something new. 

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