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Dwight Howard's Ex Royce Reed Calls Out His WNBA Fiancée Following Their Leaked Texts

A short while after accusing Dwight Howard of neglecting his kids, his ex-girlfriend Royce Reed called out his current WNBA fiancée over some leaked DMs.

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This weekend, Dwight Howard won the first NBA title of his career with the Los Angeles Lakers. His time with the Lakers was seen as a sort of redemption as he knuckled down and helped the team bag their 17th NBA championship after ten years. However, hours later, his former girlfriend Royce Reed accused him of neglecting his children while the Lakers star accidentally leaked some private messages during a celebratory IG live. 

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Dwight Howard leaked DM was about fiancee Te'a Copper

During the live, Howard accidentally opened his chat with his fiancee and WNBA player, Te'a Cooper. The Lakers centre immediately realised his error, causing him to shut down the live session in seconds. However, their conversation had already been screenshotted and was quickly shared online. 

According to the texts, Cooper was supposedly confronting Howard about something. Howard was apparently hanging out with a woman he claimed to be a friend, while Cooper refused to believe him. Fans on the internet were quick to discuss Howard's past life, where he has fathered five children with five different women. 

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Shortly after the messages were leaked, Reed took to Instagram to directly call out Cooper and Howard, taking a dig at their relationship. "Imagine it being one of the happiest moments/days of your life and someone who's supposed to be your sanity and celebrate with you comes at you with some childish DRAMA for all the world to see," Reed wrote, before adding that the whole scenario is embarrassing. As a side note, she added that Howard knew what he had signed back up for. 

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Y’all better stop praising ppl based off a screenshot of their lives on tv and Instagram posts. Better yet... imagine having to text a 3rd party to try and find out if this person plans on seeing their 2 kids that live here and that they haven’t seen since July or SPOKEN to since August before they leave the city and the response is “I don’t know, I gotta see what the team doin”. A multimillionaire who can catch any flight with a choice to spend a couple hours with children who want to think he’s their own personal Superman. A child who REALLY NEEDS HIM RIGHT NOW! But... I hold this little boy at night through tears and anger. I comfort him. I raise him with love not through money. So anyone who has an issue with that FUCK YALL! Straight up! Braylon will always cause my lioness to come out! PERIOD! #mytherapistisgonnakillme

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Reed, the mother of his son Braylon, went on Instagram to talk about how the NBA star has been neglecting his son. "Imagine having to text a 3rd party to try and find out if this person plans on seeing their 2 kids that live here," Reed wrote, before adding that he hasn't seen his son since months. She even added that Howard, who is a multimillionaire, can choose to take any flight to come see his son, who needs him right now. "I raise him with love not through money," Reed wrote, explaining how her son was unhappy when Howard did not meet him even though he was in the same city.

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