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Lamar Odom Brushes Off Relapse Rumours, Appears As 'Black Jesus' In Strange Video: WATCH

Former LA Lakers star Lamar Odom has brushed off relapse rumours after he bizarrely appeared as 'Black Jesus' to promote his Twitch account on Instagram.

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Former Los Angeles Lakers star Lamar Odom has been the centre of some pretty nasty rumours on social media in recent times. The 41-year-old who has been open on his struggle with drug addiction in the past and fans were worried that the ex-NBA player had relapsed into the mode again after watching some of his content on social media. Odom appeared as 'Black Jesus', wearing a long wig and pouring wine on his Instagram, which kicked off rumours of his relapse. 

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Lamar Odom Black Jesus: Ex-Lakers star denies rumours of relapse with strange video 

In a video uploaded by Lamar Odom on January 1, the 41-year-old makes his first appearance as 'Black Jesus' and his friend says ‘Follow Lamar Odom on Snapchat, YouTube, and Twitch, and he will turn water into wine". While the video quickly went viral and had fans laughing, some were concerned there the ex-NBA star had resorted to drugs again after his engagement to Sabrina Parr was broken. Lamar Odom and Sabrina Parr had announced their engagement in November 2019, but split roughly a year later, and the duo have continued taking potshots at each other ever since. 

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Nonetheless, responding to Lamar Odom relapse rumours, the 41-year-old took to his Instagram to address and refute those claims. Odom said, "Lighten up DAMN ~ I can’t have fun without being accused of being high or out my mind??”. The former NBA star explained that 'Black Jesus' was his alter-ego and it was here to stay for fun and not blasphemy. Odom further said, “If you know me you know I play all day, life is too short to stay so serious, Covid taught us that".

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Lamar Odom has often candidly spoken about his drug use in the past and claims his daughter Destiny motivated him to get better and take care of himself. The two-time NBA champion told ABC News that he began using (ecstasy and cocaine) sometime after joining the NBA in the late ’90s and kicked off to another level after his divorce with Khloe Kardashian in 2013. The overdose cost him and he cheated death after being hospitalised in 2015, following which he went into rehab. "Living sober, meaning no drugs, is a great feeling", said Odom, in his chat with Us Weekly, and believes in being in the moment. 

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