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LeBron James Blamed For Making Gang Signs And Insulting GD's During Lakers Celebration

Fans accused LeBron James of making gang signs and insulting GDs during the Los Angeles Lakers celebration after winning the 2020-21 NBA title.

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LeBron James led the Los Angeles Lakers to their 17th NBA title this weekend. James, who also won his fourth NBA title, had promised to win the Lakers a title after a 10-year drought. However, James' celebrations at the NBA bubble were not without controversy. Shortly after the Lakers celebrated their win, people accused James of using gang signs while also insulting Gangster Disciples.

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LeBron James gang signs: Lakers star called out for making gang signs during celebrations

While James was celebrating, some users online saw that as offensive hand gestures. The term "Dropping Rakes" was used, which was said to be disrespectful to the Gangster Disciples. Chicago Rapper King Von also called out the gesture on Twitter. However, his tweet is now taken down. While many were disappointed by the gesture, fans believed it was a coincidence. "Mad disrespectful," one user wrote, adding that James has to stop doing that gesture.

Some gang members even stated that the Lakers star was trolling them. "Dropping a rake" usually means making a sign, and James' sign was seen as disrespectful toward's Chicago's The Gangster Disciples. Users on social media suggested that it was an attempt of proving that he was better than Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan, who he is often compared to with reference to the NBA GOAT debate. 

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People accuse LeBron James of insulting GDs

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LeBron James Lakers contract

In 2018, LeBron James denied his $35.6 million player option with the Cleveland Cavaliers and entered free agency. After much debate, the four-time NBA champion decided to sign with the Lakers. In July 2018, James agreed to a four-year $153,312,846 contract with the Lakers. While James' first year with the Lakers did not bring the expected results, James promised to bring home the title after Lakers legend Kobe Bryant passed away earlier this year. 

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