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LeBron James Proud Of Having Great Photographic Memory Since Childhood

During an interview, Lakers' LeBron James confirmed that he has 'always had' photographic memory, helping him remember almost every detail of his games.

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Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James, who is currently in his 17th NBA season, has always been praised for his basketball IQ and versatility on the court. Former teammate Iman Shumpert, LA Clippers coach Doc Rivers and Jason Kidd are amongst many who have spoken about LeBron James' basketball IQ, calling him one of the smartest people on the court. In a recent Sports Illustrated article, Doc Rivers stated that there is no one in the league with LeBron James' brain. 

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LeBron James photographic memory: Was Lakers star LeBron James born with a photographic memory?

During an interview, LeBron James confirmed that he has 'always had' photographic memory, helping him remember almost every detail of his games. He gave an example of the LeBron James photographic memory, talking about his childhood. When he was younger, his friends always called him out for remembering games that took place long ago. Back then, LeBron James did not think much about it and had no idea what it meant. Now, he thinks about it as something he was born with. 

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Lakers LeBron James photographic memory: Doc Rivers and Jason Kidd on LeBron James photographic memory

According to Clipper's coach Doc Rivers, people in the NBA have James' body, but no one has his brain. Lakers assistant coach also commented on the topic, saying that his brain is what will help him play till he is 40, helping him achieve his goals with fewer steps. In a recent interview, James' former teammate Iman Shumpert also spoke about the two-time NBA MVP's intelligence, and how the player is always keen on sharing his knowledge with everyone. 

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NBA coronavirus: LeBron James keeps fans updated via Instagram and Twitter


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Before the NBA 2019-20 season was suspended on March 11 due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Lakers star was averaging at 25.7 points and career-high 10.6 assists per game. In a recent episode of the Road Trippin' Podcast, James revealed that while he is getting rest, his body is confused about his sudden loss of activity. The 35-year-old small-forward also uploaded workout videos, sharing his quarantine experience with fans. While the NBA is looking to return in June, no official statement has been made. 

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