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Michael Jordan Pizza Poisoning Story Does Not Add Up, Claims Former Pizza Hut Employee

While talking to 1280 The Zone, former Pizza Hut manager Craig Fite claimed that the Michael Jordan pizza story about five guys delivering the pizza is untrue.

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The 'Michael Jordan Flu Game' is considered one of the highlights of Jordan's illustrious NBA career. The final episodes of The Last Dance featured the Michael Jordan flu game, which later turned out to be food poisoning. The Michael Jordan food poisoning story was later discussed by fans on Twitter. Many people believed that the Michael Jordan pizza story was not true, even though his trainer Tim Grover backed up the story. In a recent interview, Michael Jordan pizza delivery man Craig Fite revealed more details about the Michael Jordan pizza poisoning story. 

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Michael Jordan food poisoning story untrue?

In The Last Dance, Jordan and Tim Grover revealed details of the Michael Jordan pizza story. Jordan confirmed that he ate the pizza he ordered all by himself, which resulted in him throwing up in the middle of the night. He later called Grover to his room at 3:00 am, when Grover claimed he was shaking in a fetal position. Grover recalled that they ordered from a place outside the hotel as there was no room service, and five people delivered the pizza. Jordan then ate the pizza all by himself, which is why only he got food poisoning.

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Director Jason Hehir also commented on the situation on an ESPN show, as he was asked about Jordan eating the pizza alone. Hehir revealed that while it sounded unbelievable, Jordan spit in his food at times so no one else could have his food. However, people close to the six-time NBA champion believe that his pizza was tampered with before it was delivered. 

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Craig Fite, who claims to be the one who delivered Jordan's pizza, revealed his side of the Michael Jordan food poisoning story. Fite worked as an assistant manager at Pizza Hut in Utah and was apparently the one to make and deliver the pizza to Jordan. While speaking on 1280 The Zone's The Big Show, Fite stated that the pizza was not tampered with and only two people delivered the pizza.

He revealed that he had limited people working at the time, so only two people delivered the pizza. He followed the rules, and only wanted to impress the store manager. He even remembers himself saying that he would 'make the pizza' as he did not want anyone to add something to it. Fite recalled making the thin crust pepperoni pizza and explained that nothing was added to it as it did not leave his hands. Though he resided in Utah, Fite claims to be a Chicago Bulls fan. He claims he also named his son after Jordan and would not have done anything to harm the Bulls great. 

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Twitter reacts to the Michael Jordan food poisoning story

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