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Michael Jordan's Security Guard John Wozniak Reveals Incredible Stories In The Last Dance

After The Last Dance episodes 5 and 6 were released, fans talked about how the Michael Jordan security guard shrugged at the NBA legend and won his money.

michael jordan security guard

The latest episodes of The Last Dance focused on Michael Jordan's gambling and the Bulls' first three-peat. However, episode 6 featured a clip of Jordan playing quarter-toss with his security guard John Michael Wozniak, which gained a lot of attention online. People made a meme out of John Michael Wozniak's shrug but also talked about how the Michael Jordan security guard shrugged at the NBA legend and even won his money. 

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Michael Jordan security guard John Michael Wozniak shrugged at the six-time NBA champion 

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While the Michael Jordan security team was introduced during the first two episodes, this is the first time a clip was shared. In the episode, Michael Jordan bet Wozniak that he could land the quarter closer to the wall in one throw than the latter could in four tries. However, Wozniak needed only one try to beat Jordan. He pocketed Jordan's $20 and also imitated his shrug from the 1992 NBA Finals against the Portland Trail Blazers which went viral on Twitter. Here is how the Michael Jordan security guard became a part of the permanent Michael Jordan security team.

Michael Jordan security team: How did the Michael Jordan security guard meet the Bulls legend?

Before he became a Michael Jordan security guard, Wozniak was a US Army veteran and Chicago narcotics officer. Reports state that he was known as 'Hollywood' because of his Corvette, 'fearless attitude' and 'distinctive appearance'. When Jordan joined the Bulls, Wozniak took a job working security at the old Chicago Stadium. He used to park players' cars after they arrived. Wozniak's son revealed in an interview that he offered to pay Jordan back, who refused and asked him to not worry about it. Sometime later, Wozniak, Travis and Lett were the only few security guards allowed to escort Jordan around. 

Jordan asked Lett, Wozniak and Travis to quit their jobs with the Bulls to work with him when he left to play baseball. The Bulls hired the three of them again when he returned to basketball after two years. Jordan reportedly trusted Wozniak tremendously and was comfortable with him escorting his wife and sons to events. His son recalled another one of the John Michael Wozniak stories, where Jordan had once 'kicked' him out of a Christmas party after he defeated the six-time NBA champion in a game of pool. 

Wozniak passed away earlier this year. As per his son Nicholi, Jordan had sent his condolences and flowers after hearing the news. Wozniak continued working with Jordan even after being diagnosed with cancer and worked at his Highland Park property in Chicago. Jordan's manager tweeted about Wozniak, confident that he must be watching from heaven. 

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John Michael Wozniak stories 

During a 2016 interview with Complex, Wozniak shared one of the 'craziest' experiences he had while on the Michael Jordan security team. He recalled an incident where they had come back from playing basketball and were in the Omni Building in Chicago. People had spotted Jordan's car and had gathered around. They had to get the contractor to take them through an underground exit after crossing the street.

He even shared his thoughts on Jordan's popularity. When he was assigned to Monroe Street 12th Police District, he could not walk down Madison Street. After Jordan came to the city, he stated that 'banks, restaurants, and condominiums started opening up'. Towards the end of the interview, he revealed that he can call Jordan anytime even though they do not work together anymore. 

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