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Michael Jordan Afraid That 'The Last Dance' Will Make People Call Him 'horrible Guy'

According to Michael Jordan, people might not be able to understand why he was so intense and did the things he did while playing for the Chicago Bulls.

Michael Jordan

Since the Michael Jordan documentary The Last Dance is set to release in a few days, the NBA legend recently gave an interview about the documentary and his role in it. The Last Dance will be a 10-part docu-series which focuses on the Bulls' 1997-98 season. The Last Dance release date was moved to April from June due to the COVID-19 outbreak. 

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Michael Jordan documentary: Michael Jordan believes people might think he is a horrible person after watching The Last Dance

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According to Michael Jordan, people might not be able to understand why he was so intense and did the things he did. During an interview with The Athletic, Jordan said via director Jason Heir that he believes it will be difficult to understand his actions and words during his time with the Bulls. Michael Jordan led the Chicago Bulls to six NBA championships from 1991-98.

He further added that when people see his footage with Scott Burrell, they would think he was a 'horrible guy'. According to Jordan, people will need to realise he was treating him that way as he needed Burrell to be tough in the playoffs as they were facing the Indiana Pacers, Miami Heat and New York Knicks in the Eastern Conference. The five-time NBA MVP needed Burrell to be tough so he could count on him. Jordan believes that people may not get why he acted the way he did during practice.

In the seventh episode of the documentary, he talked about the standards they had to live up to, and he had to step in if they were not being met. As per Jordan, winning and leadership both have a price. He knows he challenged and pulled people when they did want to be, but believed he could do that as he endured what they did not. Jordan even added that people who think he may have been a 'tyrant' might never have won anything and he always wanted to win. The six-time NBA champion thinks that if people did not want to play with his mentality, then they did not have to. 

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Michael Jordan net worth

As per Forbes, the Michael Jordan net worth figure is $2.1 billion. The Chicago Bulls star is considered the richest NBA player in history. Jordan, who signed his rookie deal with Nike in 1984, is reported to be the most successful brand ambassador in US sports history. 

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