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Shannon Sharpe Brings Real GOAT On Set To Celebrate LeBron James' 4th NBA Ring

With Skip Bayless claiming that LeBron James is not the 'G.O.A.T', popular analyst Shannon Sharpe brought a real goat on set as a response.

Shannon Sharpe

After winning the NBA Finals MVP award for the fourth time in his illustrious career, LA Lakers star LeBron James was widely praised for his consistency and skill. The 35-year-old also became the first player to win the Finals MVP accolade with three different teams, having won it with Miami Heat in 2012 and 2013 and the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2016. Following the victory, while many hailed LeBron James’ achievements, American sports columnist Skip Bayless was overtly critical of the star in a series of tweets. Now, sports analyst Shannon Sharpe has responded to Skip Bayless’ comments in hilarious fashion.

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Skip Bayless’ LeBron James Finals MVP rant

Throughout the 2020 NBA Finals, Skip Bayless was regularly seen criticizing LeBron James on Twitter. While others called LeBron James the ‘Greatest of All Time’, Skip Bayless claimed that the 35-year-old had an easy outing during the Finals. Skip Bayless maintained that it is Michael Jordan and not LeBron James who is the ‘GOAT’ as he suggested that the latter is being hyped unnecessarily.

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Shannon Sharpe real goat video goes viral

In an apparent response to Skip Bayless’ rant, popular analyst Shannon Sharpe found an innovative way to refute Bayless’ claims. Shannon Sharpe in the past has mentioned several times how it is LeBron James who is the greatest player of all time. After the star won his fourth Finals MVP, Shannon Sharpe hilariously brought a real goat to the set, right in front of Skip Bayless.

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In videos that have since gone viral online, Shannon Sharpe is seen walking onto the set with a real goat, with his hilarious act loved by fans. The goat in question is seen wearing a crown along with a Lakers jersey. Shannon Sharpe then proceeds to kneel down to the goat and talk to it, as he shakes its hand and calls it ‘Lil’ Bron’.

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Fans react to outrageous Shannon Sharpe real goat incident

With Shannon Sharpe feeding the goat, Skip Bayless in the background is heard saying that the goat is Michael Jordan and not LeBron James. Many fans got into the debate as well, as they discussed which of the two presenters made the right claim. While many praised Shannon Sharpe for his hilarious antics, others criticized the analyst for taking the banter too far. Several others also tweeted that Shannon Sharpe defends LeBron James way more than he should.

Image Credits: Screengrab from Skip and Shannon YouTube

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