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Steph Curry Coolly Not Bothered By Maverick Carter's Comments About His Defence

Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry made an appearance on Pursue Your Passion on Wednesday, where he commented on Maverick Carter slamming his defence.

Steph Curry

Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry made an appearance on Pursue Your Passion on Wednesday (Thursday IST), where he commented on Mav Carter slamming his defence. When Chris 'COSeezy' Strachan asked Curry about Carter's comment, the two-time NBA MVP was glad he asked him about it. Mav Carter had stated that Steph Curry can't play defence while discussing Michael Jordan's The Last Dance after its premiere. 

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Mav Carter Steph Curry: Steph Curry responds to Mav Carter's comments about his defensive skills

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Mav Carter Steph Curry: Steph Curry says he hears it 'all' while responding to Mav Carter

Before going to his actual response, Curry mentioned all the 'goons' who send him every possible link to keep him updated. According to Steph Curry, when someone does anything great, people will always have opinions. He feels so secure about himself on the court, he never chooses to respond as he is either laughing or agreeing with them. Curry added that anyone who says something by using his name is going to look stupid while they try to get some 'pub, 'heat', 'clicks' or something else. The three-time NBA champion has 'no problem letting stuff live' as someone who knows what they speak about will always 'speak facts and truth'. Curry then went on to say that there will always be haters, and hate is always 'louder' than praise. 

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Mav Carter Steph Curry: What did Mav Carter say about Steph Curry's defence?

On Sunday (Monday IST), Mav Carter, Draymond Green and Paul Rivera came together to talk about The Last Dance after the premiere. While discussing the mini docu-series, Carter gave an example of Curry's defence to make a point about teams needing more than just one great player to win. While he called Curry 'the greatest shooter in the world' who can make a shot from anywhere on the court, he believes the 32-year-old Warriors star cannot play defence.

Carter stated that though he hasn't played a decent basketball game in 18 years, he knows Curry would still find it difficult to guard him. Carter believes Curry needs Klay Thompson and Draymond Green, just like Michael Jordan had Scottie Pippen take care of 'everything else'.

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