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Stephen Jackson Discloses LeBron James' Text Sent After Speech At George Floyd's Rally

During a recent Instagram live, Stephen Jackson revealed his interaction with Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James, who had posted about Jackson's speech. 

Stephen Jackson

Retired NBA player Stephen Jackson recently gave a speech at a George Floyd rally, defending his 'twin' and speaking about racism in the USA. His speech received a lot of attention on social media, where people praised his speech and thanked him for speaking up on the issue. During a recent Instagram live, Jackson revealed his interaction with NBA star LeBron James, who had posted about Jackson's speech. 

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What was LeBron James' reaction to the Stephen Jackson speech?

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During his live chat with Undefeated's Marc J. Jackson stated that he had texted James after he posted a video of him speaking. Jackson texted saying he appreciates James and will not let him down. James replied saying that Jackson has not let him down and he will not do so in the future either. He added that this is what makes James the best athlete, as it goes beyond basketball. This is why he loves James, though Michael Jordan might be the best-ever NBA player. 

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Stephen Jackson's speech on George Floyd

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When Stephen Jackson spoke to the crowd, he told them that he was present so no one would try and 'demean' Floyd's character. He said that when the police do something that is wrong, the first thing they do is try and cover it up while bringing up their background so their actions look like they were 'worthy'. Jackson further rhetorically questions the crowd, asking them 'When was murder ever worthy?'

However, he thinks that for them, it is justified it is a black man. Jackson added that the smirk on Chauvin's face indicated that he believed it was his duty to murder his brother, knowing that he could easily get away with it. As per Jackson, no one can tell him 'that wasn't the look on his face'. Jackson was close friends with Floyd, and called him his 'twin'. As per Jackson, Floyd was in Minnesota to change his life and was driving trucks. 

Earlier this week, 46-year-old George Floyd was killed by a police officer Derek Chauvin, who pressed his knee on Floyd's neck despite his constant protests about being unable to breathe. The tragic incident was captured on camera, as even onlookers tried to warn the officer. The four officers were fired and Chauvin was later charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter later. 

LeBron James on George Floyd's death


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