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Steve Kerr Opens Up On Being Vocal About United States-Iran Tensions

Steve Kerr, the Golden State Warriors coach, has been vocal on Twitter with his comments on the United States-Iran issue while questioning the government.

Steve Kerr

Steve Kerr, the Golden State Warriors coach, is not one to shy away from giving his opinion. The coach has been quite active on Twitter recently as tensions grow between the United States of America and Iran. Steve Kerr retweeted many individuals who criticised the United States for killing General Qasem Soleimani, the head of Iran's Quds Force, in an airstrike. Kerr also questioned the Donald Trump administration's statement that Soleimani was planning a "pending" attack on Americans.

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Warriors coach Steve Kerr comments on US-Iran situation

Steve Kerr has been vocal about his views and said in a tweet that one should never trust the United States government when it comes to war. He added that Johnson and Nixon lied about Vietnam, while Bush and Cheney also lied about WMD's in Iraq. Kerr now alleges Vice-President Mike Pence for lying about Soleimani's supposed involvement in the 9/11 attacks back in 2001 on the Twin Towers in New York. Pence said that Soleimani had links to the 9/11, which the Associated Press fact-checkers have termed as misleading.

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Warriors coach Steve Kerr on why he is vocal on the Iran issue

Steve Kerr explained why he's outspoken on the issue of Iran before the Golden State Warriors' game against Detroit Pistons on Saturday. Kerr said that he uses Twitter as a platform to remind people to do their homework while saying that he is worried that there is going to be another World War or a mess like one in Iraq. Steve Kerr had earlier come under fire for declining to answer questions about the NBA-China-Hong Kong controversy in October, leading numerous critics from then to satirically mock Kerr for "rediscovering" the will to talk over geopolitics. After his silence on the China issue, Steve Kerr did say that he would remain vocal on domestic disputes and anything that affects Americans.

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Steve Kerr's Iran connection

Steve Kerr though, quite interestingly did not mention his personal history with Iran. Malcolm Kerr, Steve’s father, was killed in Lebanon by Iranian-backed militants in 1984. He and his family sued Iran in 1996 after the International Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act was passed. Kerr had said in 2016 that he did not need revenge or closure on the matter but the case was essential to some of his family members.

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