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Why Did Michael Jordan Punch Steve Kerr During The Bulls 1995 Training Camp?

Why did Michael Jordan punch Steve Kerr? During the Bulls 1995 training camp, Michael Jordan and Steve Kerr were on different teams and ended up fighting.

why did michael jordan punch steve kerr

Michael Jordan's recently released documentary The Last Dance features various anecdotes from Michael Jordan's illustrious journey with the Chicago Bulls. A part of the journey is the infamous Michael Jordan Steve Kerr punch episode. As the documentary released this week, fans are asking – 'Why did Michael Jordan punch Steve Kerr?'

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Why did Michael Jordan punch Steve Kerr? The Michael Jordan Steve Kerr punch story

The Michael Jordan Steve Kerr punch incident happened during a 1995 Bulls training camp. Both players were on opposing teams and Kerr was asked to cover Jordan. By the end of the camp, Jordan had punched Kerr in the face and teammates had to intervene and physically restrain the two. Here is the reason why did Michael Jordan punch Steve Kerr.

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Why did Michael Jordan punch Steve Kerr? Michael Jordan Steve Kerr punch in 1995

During the scrimmage, Jordan had apparently started trash-talking Kerr. Kerr talked back to Jordan, which resulted in the Bulls legend punching him in the face. In 2016 interview, Kerr revealed that he had starting 'talking back' to Jordan, which he was sure no one else had done before. According to Kerr, he started fouling Jordan.

He knew he could not make a physical impact, but he vaguely remembers throwing an elbow at Jordan to get off him. Jordan, however, still kept talking. Jordan apparently gave Kerr a 'forearm shiver', which he returned. Kerr then added that Jordan then came 'after' him. 

Why did Michael Jordan punch Steve Kerr? Kerr does not remember getting punched

In the same interview, the current Golden State Warriors head coach revealed that he did not remember getting hit. Apparently, Jordan hit him and he escaped with a black eye. Their teammates had to stop the two before things escalated.

Later, teammate Judd Buechler stated that the scene had reminded him of Jurassic Park, where the kid got attacked by a velociraptor. Kerr added that he had no chance and everything was just 'mayhem' as they were only screaming at each other. 

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Why did Michael Jordan punch Steve Kerr? Kerr believes the punch made Jordan respect him more

Kerr later revealed that Jordan later apologized for punching him and it definitely made him respect Kerr more. While on NBA on TNT, Kerr revealed that while he does not recommend it to anyone, it definitely helped their rapport. He recalled the intensity of practices back then and how that has changed now. He looks at their fight as a test from Jordan, which he passed, after which the NBA legend only tested him more. 

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