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Vince Carter Terminated $50 Million Puma Contract Because Their Shoes Hurt His Feet

When NBA legend Vince Carter signed the $50 million deal with Puma, he abruptly terminated his contract with his company as his feet hurt due to the shoes.

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NBA legend Vince Carter, who recently retired after record 22 years in the league, was the last player who signed a deal with Puma. When Carter was a rookie and played for the Toronto Raptors, he had signed a $50 million deal with the sports company. However, Carter ultimately cancelled his deal with Puma before he signed with Nike.   

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Vince Carter Puma contract: Why did Carter cancel the Vince Carter Puma contract?

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When Carter signed the $50 million deal with Puma, his rookie deal with the Raptors paid him less than $6.5 million. However, The Athletic's Chris Kirschner revealed that Carter did not like Puma. As per reports, Vince Carter played only a few games in Puma's signature shoe before he abruptly ended his contract with them.

At the time, reports stated that the NBA legend has chosen to break off his deal with Puma as he was unhappy with the fit and his feet hurt because of the shoes. Reports also stated that the NBA veteran wanted the company to release the Vinsanity shoes faster. After Carter officially terminated the contract, he had to pay the company $13.5 million due to the breach of contract. However, reports also add that Carter wore the AND1 Tai Chis when he played the 2000 NBA Slam Dunk Contest, which was one of the most iconic moments of his career. 

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After terminating his contract with Puma, Carter signed a deal with Nike like the NBA legend Michael Jordan. The company released a signature shoe called Shox, which was immensely popular amongst fans. After signing with the brand, Carter stated that it was a 'match made in heaven'. He further added that he never recalled an opportunity where he could have his own shoe anywhere else. Carter had also revealed that had mentioned making a shoe for him 'down the line'. He further explained that 'The Shox were done years before and they held them until the right time'.

Carter wore Nike for the rest of his career before he retired a few days ago. Though Carter never won an NBA title, he helped the USA team win the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Throughout his career, Carter has nine NBA All-Star selections and the Rookie of the Year award in 1999. This also includes his 2000 Slam Dunk contest. 

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