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FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Season 2 Release Date, Objectives, Storyline Cards, Season Rewards

FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Season 2 will be live starting November 20. A look at what can be expected from the new season - storyline cards, rewards and more.

FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Season 1 will conclude on November 20. This means EA Sports will soon be introducing a new slate of rewards, objectives and another set of Storyline Cards with the upcoming season. While EA is yet to release an official date for FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Season 2, it is expected that the new season will go live mere hours after the ongoing season ends. 

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FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Season 1 details

FUT Season 1 introduced a level-based reward system where players were rewarded for the highest level they reach before the rewards reboots. Players gained XP based on the objectives they complete, which in turn unlocks new rewards based on the level. Season 1 was a 51-day long campaign that kicked off on September 30, where players could start working on their Ultimate Teams through their season pass.

The campaign mode brought a host of player cards and rewards for players, with the three exclusive Storyline Cards being the crown jewel. Players who reached level 30 during the course of the season (100,000 XP), had the choice between the three Storyline Cards - Arsenal striker Alexander Lacazette, RB Leipzig midfielder Marcel Sabitzer and PSG left-back Juan Bernat. Each of the three cards was untradable and had an overall rating of 85.  

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FIFA 21 Ultimate Team release date for Season 2

FUT 21 Season 2, as mentioned, will likely be made available on November 20. Based on the rewards and objectives of the previous season, a fair prediction can be made on what players can expect in the new season. FIFA 21 Ultimate Team storylines and objectives will likely follow the same structure, with the highest level yielding similar rewards to Season 1. However, assuming teams begin at a much higher overall than the previous season, the objectives will likely more difficult.

This also means that the FIFA 21 Ultimate Team rewards for Season 2, i.e. the Storyline Cards, will feature a higher overall rating than the previous versions. The three cards from the previous seasons represented a player each from the Premier League, Bundesliga and Ligue 1. This season could include a player from LaLiga and Serie A, along with a third that can represent any of the numerous leagues active in the game. 

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FIFA 21 Icon Swaps

FUT 21 Season 2 will be played throughout the month of December. December is also when EA confirmed Icon Swaps will be coming to the game. Just like in FIFA 20, Icon Swaps will be a number of untradable Icon cards which can be redeemed by completing specific objectives and SBCs (Squad Building Challenges). 

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