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Arat Hosseini Stuns Social Media, Lionel Messi Superfan Flawlessly Performs 3,000 Kick-ups

Arat Hosseini, a six-year-old Lionel Messi superfan, took social media by storm after he flawlessly performed 3000 kick-ups wearing a Barcelona shirt.

Arat Hosseini

At the age of six, Arat Hosseini is quickly becoming a social media sensation. With indoor football challenges becoming the new norm during the quarantine period, Arat Hosseini rose to prominence with his silky football skills and equally impressive physique. He once again took the internet by storm after uploading a short video on Instagram where he flawlessly performed 3,000 kick-ups wearing a Barcelona shirt with Lionel Messi's name on the back.

Arat Hosseini Skills: Effortless 3,000 kick-ups video goes viral

Within a week, Hosseini's video has amassed over a million views. Despite his entire Instagram handle being dedicated to outrageous football skills, with every new video, Arat Hosseini has managed to stun his followers. The comment section of the video is filled with fans applauding the brilliance of the young prodigy while some fans even expressed disbelief over his talent.


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Arat Hosseini Instagram: Lionel Messi superfan is a social media star

Born on September 30, 2013, Arat Hosseini became a household name in his native in Iran in 2017 when a video of him climbing up a 10ft wall went viral on social media. Now residing in the UK and managed by his father, the Lionel Messi superfan is an Instagram celebrity with over four million followers. While getting a million views on a video is impressive on its own, Arat Hosseini's well-timed bicycle kick video has amassed over a whopping six million views till date. 

The video was also acknowledged by Barcelona and Lionel Messi. The Barcelona talisman even responded to the video saying: "Thanks Arat (Hosseini). I see a lot of class there. Awesome. A hug.” The six-year-old has expressed his desire to emulate Lionel Messi multiple times. Dubbed by fans as the 'Young GOAT', Arat Hosseini says his dream is to play for Barcelona someday and be like Messi when he grows up. 


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Arat Hosseini skills and acrobatic stunts

Apart from doing his silky skills with a football, Arat Hosseini is also skilled in acrobatics. From doing handstands to executing a flip, Hosseini seemingly has a very diverse skill set. He is also quite adept at posing shirtless and flaunting his ironclad six-pack abs. 


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Arat Hosseini flaunting his physique 


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