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Gary Neville 'hated' Sharing Hotel Room With Immaculate David Beckham During Away Days

Gary Neville revealed the torrid time he faced when forced to bunk with David Beckham in a hotel room during Manchester United's away day fixtures.

Gary Neville

Although Gary Neville and David Beckham worked extremely well together on the right-hand side of the pitch for Man United, the duo had massive problems sharing a hotel room with each other. Gary Neville explained that he 'hated' sharing a room with David Beckham on away days for Man United due to the cleanliness levels of the current Inter Miami owner. After six months of sharing hotel rooms, each Man United star was given an individual room as a result of the lack of compatibility between teammates. 

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Gary Neville's hotel room problems with David Beckham

Man United legend Gary Neville explained that he 'hated' sharing a hotel room with former teammate David Beckham due to the impeccable nature of the 44-year old. The prime Gary Neville hotel room issue with his bunk-mate, David Beckham was the tidiness of the LaLiga champion. While speaking to Sky Sports, Gary Neville explained that he would almost always throw most of his stuff everywhere and scatter the room while David Beckham was spick and span all the time, keeping most things neat and unblemished. 

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David Beckham and Gary Neville hotel room sharing mayhem

Gary Neville further explained that David Beckham was the total opposite in nature, as the latter would prefer peace and listening to music while the former Man United right-back was always talking and arguing about things in general. Another major Gary Neville hotel room issue with Beckham was the sleep timings of his roommate. On their travels for Premier League and Champions League away games, Neville followed the 'early to bed, early to rise' mantra, while Beckham was the total opposite. Lack of sleep and differences in tidiness forced the Man United players to accommodate themselves in individual rooms just six months after being pairing.

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The Class of 92: Stake in Salford City

Gary Neville and David Beckham were part of the popularly dubbed 'Class of 92'. The 'Class of 92' is commonly a term used to describe the golden generation of Man United stars that graduated from the academy. Neville and Beckham played alongside each other at Man United for 11 years before the latter joined Real Madrid in 2003. A number of teammates from the 'Class of 92', own a 10 percent stake in League Two club Salford City including Neville and Beckham.

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