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Rio De Janeiro Declares Feb 19 As 'Women's Football Day' To Celebrate Marta's Birthday

Rio de Janeiro February 19: State to celebrate Women's Football Day to honour and commemorate legend Marta Vieira da Silva on her birthday.

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Brazilian football superstar Marta Vieira da Silva is regarded among the best women's players in the world. The 35-year-old football star's birthday falls on February 19. And Rio de Janeiro's legislative assembly has honoured the footballer by passing legislation that suggests that her birthday shall now be celebrated as Women's Football Day in the state.

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Women's football day Brazil: Rio de Janeiro February 19 honour for Marta

Rio de Janeiro's legislative assembly has passed a law to declare that February 19 shall now be celebrated as Women's Football Day in the state in recognition of Marta's contribution to the sport. The Rio de Janeiro February 19 decision from the legislative assembly comes at a time when the Women's Carioca championship is being played out in Brazil. 

Nurse Rejane, the legislator who introduced the law in the assembly, as quoted by ESPN, claimed that the Women's football Brazil team is one of the best sides and among the victorious teams in the world. There could have been no better way to commemorate women's contribution to football than on the birthday of Brazil's best player, Marta. 

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Marta football career brief following Women's football day Brazil announcement 

"We have to encourage this huge range of girls and teenagers that practice the sport and aspire to have the opportunity to become professionals, understanding that there are challenges, yes, but a woman's place is where she wants it to be! And striker Marta is undoubtedly a great inspiration for all," said Rejane.

Marta has emerged as one of the top global superstars in women's football. During her decorated club career spanning 12 years, she has played with some major teams, including Santos. Marta's magic isn't restricted to Brazil alone, as he has played for clubs in the USA and Sweden as well. 

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Marta Brazil record: Most goals in World Cup to her credit 

Marta is currently plying her trade with Orlando Pride, having joined the Major League Soccer (MLS) outfit in 2017. Having managed 269 club appearances spanning 12 years, Marta has racked up a magnificent 172 goals to her credit. Besides, her achievements with the Women's football Brazil team are impeccable. 

Marta holds the record of having scored the most goals in FIFA World Cup - 17, by either men or women. She has been crowned the FIFA Women's Player of the Year on six occasions while ending up as the runner up in 2016. Besides, she is associated with the United Nations as Women's new Goodwill Ambassador for women& girls in sport.

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