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UFC Boss Dana White Is Ready To Book One Of The Biggest Fights In MMA History

UFC boss Dana White is all set to book a fight that has the potential of turning out to be the biggest fight in the history of Mixed Martial Arts.

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UFC president Dana White has declared he is ready to announce a fight that has the potential to become the biggest-ever fight in the history of MMA. Speaking to BroBible, Dana opened up on the recent social media scuffle between WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury and UFC heavyweight champion Jon Jones. While a fight between both individuals seemed too far-fetched, White has some other plans in mind.

As reported by Bleacher Report, Dana White said, "If Tyson Fury really wants to fight Jon Jones in the UFC, I will make it happen. Here's my thing right now to Tyson Fury: Tyson, if you're serious, let me know. Tyson and I have a good relationship. I like Tyson Fury." The UFC boss was clear about whom he would support in the match by saying ‘Jon Jones is the baddest dude on the planet’ and turning down any sort of debates.

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Joe Rogan ignites Jon Jones vs Tyson Fury feud

The Jon Jones vs Tyson Fury feud ignited after the UFC commentator and podcast host Joe Rogan said on his podcast that Fury could not defeat Jones in a fight. It eventually ignited a fiery response from the WBC heavyweight champion, who claimed he would certainly walk out of the room if left alone with Jones. Meanwhile, the two-division UFC champion responded to Fury’s rant by challenging him to a fight inside the octagon.

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 "I'll admit there's no one touching you in that ring right now, but let's not let that confuse you with what would happen if you stepped foot in my cage. If you ever want to put some of those questions you got going on to rest, give Dana a call. I'll help you out,” said Jon Jones. While Fury responded with a challenger for a boxing match, Jones pointed out who Tyson backtracked from his earlier comment.

"Yesterday, Tyson says, 'no man born from a mother can beat me,' today he says 'Jon can never beat me in a boxing ring.' Yeah I'm glad we got that clarified," Jones said. If the Jon Jones vs Tyson Fury fight ever takes place in any form, it will be certainly a dream matchup to look forward to for the entire combat sports world.