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'We'll See If He Even Lives To 57 With His Lifestyle': McGregor Given Warning By Heyman

Following a brief back-and-forth on social media, Paul Heyman has further commented on Conor McGregor. Heyman had some strong words to say about McGregor.

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'We’ll see if he even lives to 57 with his lifestyle': Paul Heyman on Conor McGregor

Image: WWE/Conor McGregor Twitter

In the weekend gone by, the wrestling industry witnessed arguably its biggest event of the year, WWE WrestleMania 39. Moreover, a huge development had taken place at the same time as two of the leading promotions in the fight business, WWE and UFC, have united, as Endeavor Group Holdings, LLC, the company that owns UFC have secured 51% shares in WWE. The agreement became a major talking point and also got a major reaction from UFC and MMA circuit's biggest name Conor McGregor.

Conor McGregor uploaded a photo of himself carrying both the UFC and WWE Universal title. The picture got a reply from Paul Heyman, who termed McGregor as a Roman Reigns' wannabe. Heyman's comment got the attention of McGregor, who in turn gave his typical response.

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'We’ll see if he even lives to 57 with his lifestyle': Paul Heyman on Conor McGregor 

Paul Heyman was recently interviewed by BT Sport's Ariel Helwani, who asked him about the back-and-forth with the Notorious. Heyman addressed the question and had some strong words to say about Conor McGregor. "I'm not a grandfather, but I appreciate the fact that I'm old enough to be one, number one, and I'm still thriving on top. I would like to see if Conor McGregor at 57 is still thriving at the very top of his entire industry. We'll see if he's even relevant at 57. We'll see if he even lives to 57 with his lifestyle now, number two,"

"He, as a Roman Reigns wannabe, did the Paul Heyman style, you know, title on each shoulder, and, you know, gave a shout out to himself, of course he did. You know, the ultimate self promoter in Conor McGregor, you know, standing nine feet tall and weighing 155 pounds and five foot four. So, with that in mind, I said, 'Look at McGregor, a Roman Reigns wannabe', and of course, you know, he said, 'Oh, be careful grandpa. I'll break your jaw in three places."