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Watch; Nate Diaz Chokes Out A Man On Street; Conor McGregor Enjoys His Old Foe's Act

Recently retired UFC fighter Nate Diaz showcases that he still got it. The fighter chokes out a Logan Paul lookalike on the street. Watch what happened.

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Prateek Arya
Nate Diaz chokes out a man on street; Conor McGregor enjoys his old foe's act

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Former UFC fighter Nate Diaz exhibits his fighting skills on the street. The 38-year-old evidently choked a man out after attending a night at Misfits Boxing 6. Conor McGregor reacted after witnessing Nate's street act.

After the event in New Orleans, Diaz abruptly put a stop to someone else's night by tossing a water bottle at reality TV personality Chase DeMoor and igniting a fight with him. In the video below, the man walks up to Diaz who locks in a chokehold, hits him with a knee, and drops him on the ground after putting him to sleep. Watch what took place in Orleans.

Reactions from Conor McGregor and Dana White

Upon observing Nate Diaz's street act, his old foe Conor McGregor took to Twitter to react. Though, the fighters have always been at odds with each other but this time it seems McGregor took the side of Diaz. Here's what Conor McGregor wrote. "Hahaha Nate on a rampage tonight! Let’s go Nate! Hahaha" and "Lovely little knee to the body hahahaa." Source, MMA Fighting.

UFC president Dana White also reacted at Nate Diaz chocking a man out on the street.

Injury incurred to the man who suffered the wrath of Nath Diaz

The man, who got choked out by Nate Diaz, later gave an update on his status. The individual, a Logan Paul lookalike, stated that he suffered a head injury during the scuffle. Here's the video posted by him.

Nate Diaz is known for creating chaos like this. However, retired from the Octagon, the fighter is now exploring boxing circuit. Nate Diaz is set to face Jake Paul in a Boxing encounter on August 6.