WWE Raw Results: Natalya Vs Lacey Evans WWE Match Highlights

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WWE Raw Results Natalya vs Lacey Evans battled it out for the prestigious title on the line. The stars battled it out and went head to head against each other.

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After the battle at Hell in A Cell in Sacramento, Lacey Evans and Natalya fought each other once again. This was a 'Last Woman Standing' match as announced by WWE later that night. Lacey Evans vowed to defeat Natalya before their Last Woman Standing match and nearly paid for the taunt. She was attacked by The Queen of Hearts early before the match. 

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WWE Raw Results: Natalya vs Lacey Evans

Natalya trapped Evans in the Sharpshooter, but with no submissions, count-outs or disqualifications, the hold was essentially useless. Evans gained the upper hand heading into the break, dropping her opponent at ringside. The Sassy Southern Belle launched Natalya into the timekeeper's position and later throwing her onto the chairs. Evans followed up with a kendo-stick attack targeting the back and midsection. Evans took a seat in one of the office chairs, awaiting her opponent's recovery. When Natalya did make it to her feet, she threw her face-first into the ring post. Somehow later, Natalya wielded the kendo stick and got a strong shot across the back of her opponent before she downed her again, not allowing the veteran competitor to build any momentum for herself.

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The match continued back into the ring, where Natalya rolled out of the way of a wildly swung kendo stick. Evans followed her out and flattened her with a swinging neck breaker. Evans threw a trash can at her which was like an added insult to injury, throwing the garbage in her face. A moonsault followed. A suplex on the entrance ramp continued the heel's roll. Evans suplexed Natalya on the announce table, which failed to break, leaving The Queen of Hearts to bounce off and onto the stage.

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Natalya managed to make two moves together and they were, arguably, the two most important of the match. She countered a suplex into one of her own, which stunned Evans. From there, she power bombed her off the stage and through a table on the floor. The referee counted to 10 and victory was hers. Natalya defeated Evans.

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