Batista And Kurt Angle Offer A Glimpse Into Brock Lesnar's Persona Outside The Ring

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The latest episode of the WWE Ruthless Aggression series features Brock Lesnar's personal life. Kurt Angle and Batista revealed Brock Lesnar is a private man.

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Future Hall of Famer and current WWE Champion Brock Lesnar is one of the most intimidating wrestlers inside the WWE ring. ‘The Beast’ is well known for demolishing his opponents without showing any mercy, and a victory over Brock Lesnar is seemingly considered to be more precious than a WWE belt by a lot of wrestling pundits. However, in real life, Brock Lesnar is a private person who hates socializing. In the latest episode of the WWE Ruthless Aggression documentary series, WWE superstars revealed what type of person Brock Lesnar is in real life.

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WWE: Batista and Kurt Angle reveals Brock Lesnar’s personality in real life


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The latest episode of the WWE Ruthless Aggression documentary series features a number of insights on Brock Lesnar’s personal life. WWE veterans like Batista and Kurt Angle have gone on to discuss Brock Lesnar’s real-life personality which has left a lot of fans stunned. Here's what the WWE superstars said.

During the conversation with WWE Network, Batista said, “I think he (Brock Lesnar) is fine to keep his walls up and keep everybody away. You know, I think there is a part of him that likes to be intimidating to the people. That may be because he doesn’t want people getting close to him”.

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Meanwhile, Kurt Angle was also asked to describe Brock Lesnar in real life. The Olympic gold medalist and former WWE Champion said, “Brock’s a very private person. To a certain extent, he doesn’t like people”. Surprisingly, it never affected Brock Lesnar’s superstardom or abilities to pull off public events. Brock Lesnar is considered to be one of the most energetic and outspoken personas inside the WWE ring. However, in real life, Brock Lesnar is a whole different kind of person. That’s what WWE officials revealed in the latest segment of the Ruthless Aggression documentary series. Take a look at Brock Lesnar's craziest moments in WWE.

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