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WWE's Most Gruesome Injuries Of All-time Ft. Mick Foley And Jeff Hardy

WWE has often been criticized for being fake. However, many superstars have suffered devastating injuries over the years. Today we look at the most brutal ones.


While WWE is often snickered at for being a staged competition, the actions that take place in the squared circle has a history of real-life pain and suffering. And though the performers try their utmost best to keep the violence under control while still entertaining the viewers, there isn't a lot they can do. The injuries have led to broken necks, torn muscles and a lot more that have ended many careers. Let us take a look back at some of the most serious injuries in WWE history:

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Mick Foley

The list would not be complete without mentioning WWE’s 'hardcore' legend Mick Foley. The infamous match that took place at the King of the Ring Pay-Per-View saw The Undertaker throw off the hardcore legend off the top of a cell. Foley took one of the most devastating falls that night and the injuries that followed impacted the rest of his life. The brutal ending is also often displaying in most of the WWE’s all-time highlight reels.

Shawn Michaels

Shawn Michaels is another legendary wrestler who has been severely injured during a fight against The Undertaker. Michaels had suffered a back injury during a casket match which took place in 1998. The brutal injury had kept Shawn Michaels away from competing for over six years.

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Stone Cold Steve Austin

As some fans would be unaware, Steve Austin had one of the worst injuries in the history of WWE. It was at WWE Summerslam 1997 that late wrestler Owen Hart delivered a reverse pile driver that landed Stone Cold’s head first right into the ground. While Steve Austin was able to recover from the injury, unfortunately, he ended up suffering the same injury again a few years later. This had led to his retirement from the sport. Reportedly, Steve had developed a knee problem over the years.

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Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy is still out of action for suffering a knee injury which happened almost a year ago at a house show. The superstar required his entire right knee repaired after the incident. The company, however, had credited Lars Sullivan’s attack on an episode of SmackDown as the storyline reason for Hardy's injury.

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