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Happy Birthday Great Khali: Remembering The Time The Indian Wrestler Bested The Undertaker

The 2006 Judgement Day match between The Great Khali and Undertaker established Khali as a dominant force, who took down the WWE veteran within minutes.

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Adil Khan
Great Khali

The Great Khali – real name Dalip Singh Rana – turned 48 on August 27, 2020. The former Punjab police-officer-turned-wrestler, took the world by storm when he made his WWE debut in 2006 and become the first Indian to sign a contract with the promotion. In his decade-long WWE career, The Great Khali worked with a host of superstars and was able to defeat legends like John Cena, Batista, Mark Henry, Kane, and others. However, his biggest win came at the Judgment Day 2006 PPV where he bested The Undertaker. Though the match between the two superstars was not quite special, it established The Great Khali as a dominant force who took down the WWE veteran within minutes.

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WWE Judgment Day 2006: The birth of The Great Khali vs Undertaker feud

The Great Khali vs Undertaker feud began when the Indian superstar attacked The Undertaker, injuring him in the process. After the attack, the Undertaker didn't appear on television again until Judgment Day 2006. A couple of weeks before the PPV, The Great Khali's manager, Daivari, hailed Khali as "the real phenomenon," and claimed that the giant is responsible for taking down The Phenom. Over the next few weeks, Khali and Daivari continued to slam The Undertaker until the May 5, 2006, episode where General Manager Theodore Long revealed that The Undertaker has challenged The Great Khali to a match at Judgment Day 2006. Later that night, The Great Khali accepted Undertaker’s challenge and The Great Khali vs Undertaker match was made official.

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WWE Judgment Day 2006: The Great Khali trumps The Undertaker

As soon as the bell rang, Undertaker took the fight to Great Khali, but the Indian superstar tossed The Phenom out of the ring not once, but twice. After Undertaker slid in, The Great Khali grabbed his head and started punishing him before throwing him out once again. The Undertaker soon fought back and started targetting Khali’s knee. However, the monster answered back with a big boot to the face and a vicious chop. The Undertaker then successfully executed the Old School but was not able to perform a chokeslam. The Great Khali soon recovered and took over the match. He delivered another big boot and pinned The Phenom to win the match.

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