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Rey Mysterio Eye Injury Update: Is Rey Mysterio Blind? Fans Speculate After Assault On RAW

Rey Mysterio eye injury update: Mysterio was brutally attacked by Seth Rollins on the latest episode of RAW. Rollins drew blood from Mysterio's eye.

rey mysterio eye injury

The WWE RAW episode after Money in the Bank 2020 was a big night for WWE's power couple -  Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch. On the one hand, Becky Lynch publicly announced her pregnancy and relinquished her RAW Women's title. On the other hand, Seth Rollins completely snapped during a routine tag-team match which resulted in Rollins annihilating Rey Mysterio.

The 'Monday Night Messiah' appeared to be in a state of shock after his loss to Drew McIntyre at MITB 2020. While many expected a face turn for Rollins, the former SHIELD member took a different route. Leaving aside the Rollins character arc, Seth Rollins left Rey Mysterio in agony in the tag-team contest after he brutally targetted his eye after the match.

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Rey Mysterio eye injury: Rollins snaps and attacks Rey Mysterio

The incident took place on RAW when Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy teamed up to take on Rey Mysterio and Aleister Black in a tag-team match. For much of the match, Rollins remained glued to his position making the match almost a 2-on-1 against Murphy. However, when Mysterio looked to finish the match with a 619, Rollins snapped.

He grabbed Mysterio's legs and dragged him outside. Rollins attacked Mysterio’s eyes and jabbed at them with his fingers. While Mysterio cried out in pain, Rollins continued his assault on Mysterio’s eyes by ramming his eye into the steel steps. The aftermath of the gruesome incident saw Mysterio being attended by a team of medics. The camera rolled onto Rollins, who appeared to be a state of shock. He then uttered the words, “I don’t know what happened out there.”

Rey Mysterio eye injury: Is Rey Mysterio blind?

Fans have indulged in wild speculation since the brutal Rey Mysterio eye injury. 'Is Rey Mysterio blind?' was one of the questions making the rounds on the internet after RAW. The Rey Mysterio eye injury, as of now, appears to be kayfabe (scripted) and will likely serve as a narrative for the feud between Mysterio and Rollins down the line. While Mysterio did appear to bleed after the vicious assault, so far reports do not indicate the 'Masked Luchador' picked up an eye injury in reality. 

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Rey Mysterio eye injury: Rey Mysterio injury update

WWE is yet to provide an update for the Rey Mysterio eye injury. WWE could use the angle to further a rivalry between Rollins and Mysterio. A match between the two could take place at Backlash. Alternatively, WWE could also keep Mysterio off the television, citing the kayfabe injury as a reason. WWE's plans with the storyline will only be revealed in the upcoming episode of RAW. 

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Rey Mysterio eye injury: Is Rey Mysterio leaving WWE?

Ever since Mysterio was thrown off the roof by King Corbin during the Money in the Bank ladder match, fans have been speculating if it was WWE's way of writing him off the television. Multiple reports suggested that Rey Mysterio's contract with WWE was about to expire and the Lucha legend had not come to an agreement with the company over an extension.

However, those rumours were squashed as Mysterio appeared on RAW on his way to being brutally assaulted. Reports now suggest that Mysterio's contract with WWE is not an issue and the veteran wrestler is firmly in WWE's plans for the foreseeable future. 

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