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Seth Rollins Broke One Of Vince McMahon's 'secret Rules' On This Week’s WWE RAW

According to an expert, former WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins broke a major WWE rule when he attacked Rey Mysterio on this week's WWE RAW.

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Adil Khan
Seth Rollins

On this week’s WWE RAW, fans saw Seth Rollins and Murphy face Rey Mysterio and Aleister Black. The match was above-average but ended abruptly when Seth Rollins was disqualified.  After the match, Seth Rollins punished Rey Mysterio, but many fans were still left wondering why Seth Rollins was disqualified. On Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez revealed that Seth Rollins broke a secret rule of WWE Tag-Team matches laid out by Vince McMahon himself.

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The secret rule Seth Rollins broke on WWE RAW

During the match, Rey Mysterio knocked Seth Rollins from his corner when he was facing a legal Murphy. Seth Rollins snapped and entered the ring to attack Rey Mysterio. As he touched Rey Mysterio, the referee ended the match. According to Bryan Alvarez, Rey Mysterio was a legal player in the match. By being legal, Rey Mysterio had the right to fight a legal Murphy and attack an illegal Seth Rollins if he wanted. Just like Rey Mysterio, Murphy could have attacked Aleister Black if he wanted.

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Bryan Alvarez revealed that a tagged superstar or a legal superstar can fight anyone, but an illegal superstar cannot attack a legal superstar. What Rey Mysterio did to Seth Rollins, therefore, was legal because he was a legal player in the game. However, Seth Rollins was an illegal player, so he broke the rule when he attacked a legal player (Rey Mysterio). This is why the referee ended the match and declared Rey Mysterio and Aleister Black the winners.

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Seth Rollins punished Rey Mysterio after the match

Despite winning the match, Rey Mysterio didn’t get a chance to celebrate as he was punished by Seth Rollins, who flew off the handle. After the match, Seth Rollins picked Rey Mysterio up and drove his eye into the steel steps, saying, “it’s not your fault, Rey.” The medical team rushed to help an injured Rey Mysterio who was bleeding profusely.

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