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WWE Hall Of Famers Announce Exit From Company 'to Embrace New Chapter In Life'

A pair of WWE Hall of Famers announced their official departure from the pro-wrestling promotion in order to embrace a "new chapter" in their lives.



Brie and Nikki Garcia, better known as The Bella Twins confirmed their official departure from WWE on Tuesday. The sibling pair have decided to drop their ‘The Bella twins’ title in order to embrace a new chapter in their lives. The development was confirmed by PEOPLE, who reported that Nikki put out the news on the latest episode of their Sirius XM show.

As reported by PEOPLE, Nikki said, “Today we are officially from here on out, the Garcia Twins, Brie and Nikki Garcia”. The pair will now be known as their original names, Brie and Nikki Garcia, while the show will be officially renamed ‘The Nikki & Brie Show’ going forward. While adding that both of them are now enjoying life as mothers, entrepreneurs, hosts and executive producers, Nikki explained that both of them will soon be in their 40s. 

She also added that they decided to head into the next chapter when it was time for them to renew their WWE contracts. In the meantime, Brie added that she is much excited to pull down the curtains on the Brie Bella gimmick. "Let's see what Brie Garcia is going to do next," Brie said.

The Bella Twins' WWE debut in 2007 and what followed next

Both of the superstars were roped in by WWE in 2007 and made their debuts later that year as the iconic Bella twins. The sisters went on to become known names in the pro-wrestling circle and also became phenoms in the sports and entertainment world. Brie ad her husband Daniel Bryan are parents to Birdie and Buddy, while Nikki and Arten Chigvinstev welcomed their son Matteo in July 2020.

During their time at the top of the WWE roster, Nikki won the WWE Divas Championship on two occasions in 2012 and 2015. On the other hand, Brie also picked up the title in 2011. Their last appearance on WWE came during the Royal Rumble 2022 premium live event in January 2022.

Both superstars entered the 30-woman Royal Rumble match in their first official appearance in over three years. However, their last consistent run in the promotion came in 2018. Their decision to move ahead in life understandably comes at a time when the company is reaching new heights across all categories.