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WWE: Kane Wants To Return Alongside The Undertaker In WWE As The 'Brothers Of Destruction'

In a recent interview, Kane revealed that he wants to reunite with The Undertaker. This has made everyone who followed WWE in the 90s extremely excited.


If you are a WWE fan from the 90s, it is pretty evident that ‘The Brothers of Destruction’ justifies much of your love for the sport. Kane and The Undertaker are two of the biggest personalities of WWE. They dominated an entire era with their in-ring abilities and super-sonic charisma. Well, the duo have aged in real life and they are no longer active in WWE. However, Kane still believes that he will fight one more time in his career alongside The Undertaker. 

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WWE: 'The Brothers of Destruction' might return

In a recent interview with TV Insider, Kane revealed that he is hoping to get back into the WWE ring with The Undertaker. The 52-year-old WWE superstar is currently into politics and he is promoting his new book Mayor Kane: My Life in Wrestling and Politics. In the interview, Kane revealed that Undertaker and Rand Paul wrote a foreword for his book and he is grateful to them. Glenn Thomas Jacobs a.k.a Kane asked  Mark Callaway (The Undertaker) to write down the foreword for his book and The Undertaker accepted it in one go. “I asked Mark [Taker] to do it, and he said he would be honoured as well. It blew my mind. Of course, asking Senator Paul was much of the same. Mark has meant so much to my career and to me personally,” said WWE Superstar Kane in the interview.

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When asked about his in-ring return alongside The Undertaker, Kane revealed that the ‘Brothers of Destruction’ were slated to face DX-Generation. However, the mega-fight never saw the light of the day. The Corporate Demon feels that it would be great to reunite the 'Brothers of Destruction' and the former WWE Champion is definitely up for it. 

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