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Broncos’ Von Miller flaunts pics with new girlfriend after bitter split with Megan Denise

Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller was spotted vacationing with his new girlfriend in Cabo following a bitter, public breakup with Megan Denise.

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Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller has seemingly moved on to another woman following a bitter split with his ex-fiancee, Megan Denise. On Tuesday, the 31-year-old posted several images of his new girlfriend on his Instagram story, while vacationing in Cabo, but soon deleted them all. This took place only a day after Denise revealed the disturbing messages she received from Miller over her pregnancy. 

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Von Miller spotted partying with his new girlfriend on vacation

On Tuesday, Von Miller let the world know that he had moved on from Megan Denise. The NFL star had been dating Denise since 2018 but seemingly had a massive fall-out with the IG model. Denise previously worked as a stripper at a club, owned by boxing great Floyd Mayweather, in Las Vegas. 

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While on holiday in Cabo, Miller took to Instagram and uploaded images of himself with a different young woman. Although her face wasn't revealed in any of the pictures uploaded by Miller, it won't take long for the social media detectives to find out more about the Super Bowl champion's new girlfriend. Miller later removed the images within a few hours of uploading them on Instagram. 

Is Megan Denise pregnant? Von Miller's ex-fiancee reveals disturbing texts

Miller's Instagram story uploads with his new girlfriend came only a day after Denise revealed a few shocking chats between herself and the NFL star. In one post, Denise showed a photo of her scan, revealing to the world that she is pregnant with Von Miller’s baby. In a separate screenshot of their chat, Miller allegedly hoped for Denise to have a "miscarriage" with their child. 

Denise posted a few more screenshots where Miller allegedly hurled abuse at her and told her to “get an abortion”. In a final post, she wrote, “tired of protecting you, this is who you are, cut it out, kid". 

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Miller then took to his own Instagram story to respond to Megan’s screenshots and denied everything Denise put out on her stories. He wrote, “Fake news, lol. The reality of somebody leaving you makes some people literally crazy. Classic trap.”

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