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โ€˜Finish it the way it all startedโ€™: MS Dhoni's classic look returns and takes netizens into frenzy

Fans are happier than ever after looking at the prime of MS Dhoni as he returns to the training camp for CSK ahead of their clash against RCB.

Reported by: Aryan Suraj Chadha
MS Dhoni for CSK | Image:X/CSK

In a much-anticipated move, MS Dhoni, fondly referred to as Thala, is set to lead the Chennai Super Kings in the upcoming IPL 2024. The announcement was met with great enthusiasm as the CSK team accorded him a rousing welcome. Adding to the fervour, CSK is slated to host the tournament opener against RCB on March 22, setting the stage for an electrifying start to the season for cricket fans and supporters alike.

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MS Dhoniโ€™s fit look takes fans in awe of โ€Œthe cricket legend as fans showcase love after a clip posted by CSK

The enthusiasm of Chennai Super Kings supporters reached a fever pitch when their iconic skipper, MS Dhoni, arrived during the practice session ahead of the IPL 2024. Many supporters described watching Dhoni go after practice as a magical experience.


CSK's social media channels were buzzing with enthusiasm after they uploaded an engaging clip documenting the supporters' tremendous support. The sea of fans, hungry for a sight of MS Dhoni, exploded in cheers when the captain came for the practice session. Dhoni, moved by the outpouring of affection, humbly acknowledged the fans' admiration by lifting his hand in acknowledgment. Apart from the clip, CSK also shared a picture of MSD on the training pitch, where Dhoni was captured in action, wearing a classic headband. Fans were filled with excitement to see their star in his prime look.ย 

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MS Dhoni has been training hard for the next IPL season, demonstrating his unwavering commitment by putting in long hours on the cricket ground. The 42-year-old skipper cool has been showing off his bat abilities during practise sessions and projecting confidence as he gets ready for the 2024 Indian Premier League.

Dhoni is keen to carry on his winning run in the forthcoming season after leading CSK to victory against the Gujarat Titans in the IPL 2023 final. On Friday, March 22, CSK, the reigning champions, will play the Royal Challengers Bangalore to open the competition. Before the 17th IPL season, Dhoni, who had been dealing with a knee ailment, got therapy to address his recurring problem. As a result, he is now fully fit and will look to lead his team to glory, which being said could be his last ever competition in the competitive cricket.


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