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IPL 2024 New Rules: Key changes to impact player, toss rules, wides, and no-balls

IPL 2024 introduces major rule changes including Impact Player, toss modifications, and revised wides and no-ball rules for an exciting tournament.

Reported by: Aryan Suraj Chadha
The IPL Trophy in the 2023 Auction | Image:BCI/IPL

Introducing the Innovations of IPL 2024: Impact Player, Toss Protocol, Wides, and No-balls: The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has unleashed a wave of fresh regulations for the upcoming 2024 IPL season, aiming to infuse more excitement and dynamism into the game. Among the most buzzed-about changes is the Impact Player rule.

What does the Impact Player rule entail for IPL 2024?

The Impact Player rule revolutionizes team dynamics by permitting a team to deploy an Impact Player at any juncture during an inning, thereby substituting one of the initial 11 players mid-match. According to this novel rule, each team will designate 5 substitutes alongside the starting XI before the toss. From this pool, one substitute can be utilized as the Impact Player during the course of the match.

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When can the Impact Player make an appearance?

Trialed during the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy in October-November 2022, the Impact Player could enter the fray before the commencement of an inning, following the conclusion of an over, after a wicket falls, or when a batsman retires.


If the Impact Player is a bowler and joins the action after a wicket, they are restricted from completing the remaining deliveries of the over.

In the event of a player sustaining an injury, they can be replaced by an Impact Player, with the sidelined player ineligible to participate further in the game.


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What are the Regulations Governing Impact Players?

The team's Captain is entrusted with nominating the Impact Player and must notify the on-field umpire before executing the substitution.

With the exception of scenarios where fewer than 4 overseas players feature in the original playing 11, the Impact Player must be Indian.


The Impact Player is entitled to bat and bowl their full quota of four overs, regardless of the player they are replacing.

The utilization of the Impact Player during the match is discretionary; teams retain the autonomy to decide whether to deploy them or not.


In matches condensed to fewer than 10 overs per side, the deployment of an Impact Player is prohibited.

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What other Regulations Shape IPL 2024?

Declaration of Playing 11s Post Toss

Captains now possess the prerogative to announce their playing 11, along with four substitute fielders, post the coin toss instead of submitting team sheets beforehand. This flexibility enables captains to adapt their lineup based on the batting or bowling requirements, a measure trialed during the 2022-23 SA20.


DRS Expansion to Review Wides and No-balls

In an expansion of the Decision Review System (DRS) functionality, players can now utilize it to contest the calls of wides or no-balls made by on-field umpires. Initially piloted during WPL 2023 with promising outcomes, this feature is set to debut in IPL 2024, offering captains additional avenues for strategic manoeuvring in tight encounters.


Penalties for Slow Over Rates

To ensure the expedited pace of play, teams must commence bowling the 20th over within the stipulated 90-minute timeframe. Failure to meet this criterion will result in a reduction of outfielders permitted outside the 30-yard circle for every over not bowled within the allotted time, penalizing the bowling side with enhanced fielding restrictions.


Punishment for Unfair Fielding Maneuvers

Any unfair movement observed by fielders or the wicketkeeper prior to the delivery being bowled will incur a penalty of 5 runs against the fielding side, alongside the declaration of the delivery as a dead ball.


What constitutes an Impact substitute in IPL 2024?

Impact players refer to substitute players introduced during an inning to replace any of the 11 initial players in the lineup.


How many Impact players can be utilized by each team in a single IPL match?

Out of the 5 named substitutes, each team can deploy a maximum of 1 Impact Player during a match.




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