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MS Dhoni's ardent fan who spent Rs.64000 to watch CSK match is yet to pay his daughters' school fees

One of MS Dhoni's ardent fans has prioritized watching his idol over paying his daughters' school fees.

MS Dhoni | Image:BCCI/X

It is an unsaid fact that cricket in India is a religion, where players are considered nothing short of idols, and the mood of the nation depends on how their favorite team is playing. Over the years, the fan following of cricketers has reached an extent where the obsessed fans are willing to go to any height to catch one glimpse of their favorite player. Recently one of the subjects of MS Dhoni's huge fan army succeeded in watching the icon live but had to pay a huge cost.

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MS Dhoni fan chooses to watch his idol over paying his daughters' fees

One of MS Dhoni's ardent fans recently revealed that he had to pay Rs.64000 to buy the CSK's IPL match tickets in black. The individual made it known that while he got what he wanted he is yet to pay his daughters' school fees.


“I didn’t get the tickets, so I bought them in black. It was a total of Rs. 64,000. I am yet to pay the school fees. But we wanted to see MS Dhoni just once.” Person told Sportswalk Chennai channel.

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Fans on social media did not like the act of MS Dhoni's fan

The individual's act of prioritising witnessing MS Dhoni over paying daughters' school fees did not land well among the netizens. Many users expressed their stringent opinions about it. One commenter wrote, "This person is from different world of stupidity.” Another one added, "Priorities! Dhoni will not help this father’s kids, to get education! Wth is this? We stopped going to watch #CSK in #chennai as the ticket prices were high! Ppl shd understand it’s all business, if the demand drops prices will automatically come down!”. A third commenter added, “Dhoni will himself be disappointed by your approach. Please pay your children school fee rather than spending money to watch Dhoni.”

Noting stern reactions some brought out that these comments are based on the hypotheses that the person could not afford to pay his daughters' fees, and may not be true. “This guy didn’t mean he cannot afford to pay school fees, these days buying an IPL ticket is reachable only for the rich. Spending 64k on IPL tickets means he can lavishly spend on entertainment. So don’t feel pity for people like this and make it a discussion” opined one commenter.


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