Updated March 15th, 2024 at 15:55 IST

'Never wish Kohli or Dhoni': Netizens lash out at MBA Chaiwala over post with Umesh Yadav

Netizens criticize MBA Chaiwala for posting photos with figures who subsequently faced misfortune, this time with Umesh Yadav.

Reported by: Garvit Parashar
Netizens lash out at MBA Chaiwala over post with Umesh Yadav | Image:X: @pbillore141

Prafull Billore, the founder of the famous MBA Chaiwala brand, once again gets trolled by X users on a normal post. Prafull posted a picture with Indian fast bowler Umesh Yadav, who is representing the Gujarat Titans in the IPL 2024, and people in the comment section who were not seen were happy. 

Well, this was not the first time that this has happened before, when Prafull posted a picture with someone and people started trolling her. And the reason behind that is the “downfall" that happened to the person after that meeting. This has happened several times; from players to entrepreneurs, the meeting with him was a big one. 


Series Of Unwanted Events With Prafull:

He posted a picture with Baba Ramdev, and the next day the share of Patanjali Foods went down. He predicted that India would win the Cricket World Cup in 2023, but eventually the team ended the tournament in a losing way. 


And now, before the season, he has posted a picture with Umesh Yadav on X. He wrote in the caption, “All the best @y_umesh Bhai for IPL 💯🏏❤️ @gujarat_titans.” 

People in the comments started trolling him and also said thank you to Umesh for his services.

One user wrote, “Umesh bhai. Thank you for your service. Have a great life ahead.”


A second one wrote, “What a great bowler Umesh Yadav was!”

“Bhai maaf karde par ye tweet delete kar please  … pehle se hi sahi nhi hai kuch bhi aur ye orr,” added a third one.


A fourth one wrote, “All the best for Speedy Recovery @y_umesh.”

“I guess Mba chaiwala is the only influencer to whome common people won't go for selfie if they see him on road,” said another user.


Published March 15th, 2024 at 15:55 IST