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'It'll be very difficult': Sunil Gavaskar on whether Rishabh Pant will fire from the get go

"It'll be very difficult. But the good thing is he (Pant) has played some cricket. So he has got some practice." Gavaskar on Pant.

Sunil Gavaskar & Rishabh Pant | Image:BCCI/PTI

Following a tough recovery phase, Rishabh Pant has got the clearance to play the IPL 2024. Pant would return to the Delhi Capitals side. Fans are awaiting the return of the wicket-keeper batter and there is a curiosity making waves regarding whether he would be able to play as he used to play 15 months prior from now or whether there would be some changes visible. India's batting great Sunil Gavaskar addressed the subject and gave out some interesting views.

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Sunil Gavaskar on whether Rishabh Pant be able to bring out his usual self

Rishabh Pant would find it "very difficult" to be at his flowing best at the start of the IPL, but Sunil Gavaskar believes his knees will improve as he begins batting more frequently in match situations. Pant, who survived a horrific car crash in December 2022, will return to competitive cricket as the Delhi Capitals captain after more than 14 months of recovery.


"It'll be very difficult. But the good thing is he (Pant) has played some cricket. So he has got some practice. To get fluency in batting is a little tough," Gavaskar told 'Star Sports.

"When you talk of a knee injury, the pivoting that takes place. Wicket-keeping is difficult as well, but even in batting, the knee is quite important. So, maybe, in the beginning, we won't see the real Rishabh Pant that we are used to," the maestro said.


"To find a wicket-keeper like him who comments from behind the stumps, that's full-on entertainment because there are a lot of wicket-keepers who would like to disturb your concentration by saying different things."

".....but Rishabh Pant has the ability to say such a thing that whoever he is targeting, they also laugh, they also enjoy it. But when enjoying it, their concentration goes down a bit, right? The advantage is for his team then."


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