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'It really affects India in ODIs and T20Is': Michael Vaughan pinpoints Team India's major problem

Michael Vaughan delves into Team India's problem in ODIs and T20s, that has been prevailing for a long period. Know what the former England captain said.

Reported by: Prateek Arya
Michael Vaughan on Team India | Image:michaelvaughaninstagram/AP

Former England captain Michael Vaughan delved deep into where the problem lies in Indian cricket and offered a solution that has been practiced before effectively. In the prevalent scene, Team India yearns for all-rounders, players who can offer more than just one attribute. For that matter, the need to keep a Hardik Pandya, Axar Patel, or a Washington Sundar in the team has automatically risen over the years. Vaughan has paid heed to it and said that the game now demands its batters to learn the pyrotechnics of bowling.

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Michael Vaughan scrutinises where the problem lies in Indian cricket

During an interview with Ranveer Allahabadia on his popular podcast, Michael Vaughan was asked to express thoughts on the role of an all-rounder and why there are so few in world cricket in the present scenario. Ruminating about it, Vaughan mentioned the memorable 2011 World Cup win of India and freshened the memories by stating that India's primary batters at that time could all bowl. He compared that to today's crop and said not having batters who could bowl anymore is costing India big time, especially in ODIs and T20s.


“I have never understood a batter not being able to bowl. And if you go back to India when they won the 2011 World Cup most of that top six could all bowl. Yuvi, Sehwag, they could just bowl a few overs, if you look at India's top six now, none of the batters really bowl. I think it really affects India in white-ball cricket because as a captain you want as many options as possible. Even if it is just two overs here and three overs there it makes your equation down the back end of an innings that much easier.”

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Batters need to know how to bowl

Vaughan further elaborated on the importance of having batters who can bowl as well. He said unseasoned bowlers like Yuvraj Singh, who used to come in handy when the strike bowlers were going for runs are missing at the moment. He said batters who carry the skill of bowling alleviate pressure from the captain and the team.

"India at the minute in white ball cricket they have five bowling options. So, if you know as an opposition, I'm planning against here to hit one of them, smack one of them to all parts, then they really are struggling because that one bowler has been smacked, but he still has to bowl ten overs, or he still has to bowl four overs in T20 cricket, you can't just throw in a Sehwag or a Yuvi (Yuvraj Singh), just to see or a Sachin. Sachin bowled seam, leg spin, off spin. I think all cricketers that are coming up playing the game, if you are an outstanding young batter, the coaches should say, right you can bat and you're going to be a great batter. Still, you're gonna have to bowl, got to bowl because it's going to help your team, it's going to help the captain, and it's going to help your team win more trophies."


Michael concluded by stressing the notion that the up-and-coming batsmen should know how to throw in some deliveries as it would give the team a better shape.

"In the future if you can get all the young batters just bowling something of a variable just anything that they possibly can I just think it makes you into a better team."




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