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GOD of CRICKET for a reason! Sachin Tendulkar shows off cricketing greatness on streets of Kashmir

Sachin Tendulkar engages in some gully cricket with the locals of Kashmir as him and his family travel through the picturesque place.

Reported by: Pavitra Shome
Sachin Tendulkar plays cricket on streets of Kashmir | Image:Sachin Tendulkar/X.com

Sachin Tendulkar has been in a retreat with his family members as he travels through the snow-capped mountains of Kashmir. The valley zone has been brimming with excitement as the Tendulkar household, which includes Sachin himself, his wife Anjali & daughter Sara as the family travels throughout the place. Tendulkar has been sharing some glimpses of him travelling throughout the place and visiting several scenic areas, which includes a bat manufacturing factory. It is the Master Blaster's first-ever trip to the place, and he is making every moment count for him and the fans.

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Indian Cricket icon Sachin Tendulkar plays gully cricket with a picturesque scene of Kashmir's Gulmarg

As Sachin Tendulkar was travelling throughout Kashmir and enjoying the beauty of Kashmir with his family, the former Indian cricketer stopped at a road and played a game of gully cricket with the locals.


The Master Blaster shared a video of the moment on his social media platforms with the caption, 'Cricket & Kashmir: A MATCH in HEAVEN!'

Tendulkar performed some lofted straight strokes and down-the-leg flips in the video. He playfully turned the bat over down towards the end, daring the bowler to remove him. But the bowler could not prevail, as the batting icon executed the shot with ease. 

The former Indian Cricket Team icon had earlier visited a local bat factory and talked about his first Kashmir willow bat, which was a gift from his sister. Moreover, a video showed Tendulkar sitting in an Indigo aircraft, and the stewardess made the announcement of his presence. It led to the fans chanting the iconic 'SACHIN, SACHIN!' chants.


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The former Indian cricketer also visited the Aman Setu Bridge, which marks the final frontier on the Line of Control in Jammu and Kashmir's Uri area. According to officials, Tendulkar spent an hour conversing with soldiers stationed at the Kaman Post, which is near Aman Setu.


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