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'He's a threat to me': David Miller is extremely worried of one Indian player at the T20 World Cup

Talking about the T20 WC next month, South African batter David Miller is looking forward to intense battles with one such Indian player at the T20 World Cup.

David Miller with Aiden Markram | Image:AP

Team India announced their squad for the T20 World Cup 2024 and it seems like a balanced squad. They are carrying a billion hopes on their shoulders and a lot will depend on how some of the big stars perform on the big stage. It already looks like opponents are fearful of some Indian stars' threat at the T20 WC.

Talking about the T20 World Cup next month, South African batter David Miller is looking forward to intense battles with one such Indian player at the T20 World Cup in USA and West Indies. Miller is looking forward to facing Jasprit Bumrah as he described him as a threat to him. 


“There are so many good Indian players. But me being a batter facing the bowlers, Bumrah is bowling well at the moment. And he has been a world-class bowler for many years. He's a threat to me, as well as every other batter in the World Cup,” said the southpaw.

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Strike rate will be the only barometer of success in T20 cricket: Miller

For someone who has the ability to deliver maximum impact, Miller reckons averages in T20 cricket will gradually lose relevance and strike rate will be the only barometer of success.

Over the past couple of years, Miller has performed the finisher's role with distinction both for Gujarat Titans and his national team.


With seven scores in excess of 250 plus this IPL season, the batters have taken the power game to the next level, fuelling the strike rate debate.

“We've seen some high scores this year. And it's been incredible batting by a few teams and few individual players in this IPL. And look, I always see everyone judges a batter on the average," Miller told PTI Videos.


"But in T20 cricket, it can be difficult to judge someone purely on that. The top three batters, definitely you can because of the number of overs they get to bat. When it comes to the middle order, it has always been the strike rates and what kind of impact the batter has had in the game.

“I suppose as we move forward, it becomes more and more about impact. How impactful are you in the game? Depending on the situation. If we're needing 15 an over, can you do it? And that's, I think, what guys are going to have to select teams on their match-winning ability,” said the 34-year-old.


He's an incredibly talented player: Millers lauds Indian youngster

He also showered praise on fellow Titans' batter Sai Sudharsan, who is in the middle of his most productive season in the IPL.


“He's an incredibly talented player. Still got a long career ahead of him. I've enjoyed watching him play. I love the way that he preps. And just the build-up to games and how he goes about it. He's a very level-headed young boy that's got a lot of talent," said Miller.

The World Cup in the Americas will provide Miller and South African opportunity to get their hands on an elusive global trophy. The hard-hitting batter is excited about the challenge.

“This team that we have at the moment has played a lot of cricket together the last couple of years and has a lot of confidence and a lot of success.


“We've got a lot of experience, guys that have been under pressure before and come through successfully. So, putting all the individuals together in a T20 World Cup, I have no doubt that we most certainly going to give it our best shot. We have the players to do it, the skill to do it." On his own performances in ICC events, Miller added: "I love World Cups, I must be honest. I feel like I've done well at World Cups, personally. And I just want to continue the momentum.

"For you to say, finally, Killer Miller coming to life, I think I've done pretty well at previous World Cups." 


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