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'Embarrassed as a Pakistani': Ex-PAK skipper disgusted with Babar Azam's side after losing to India

Former PAK skipper Wasim Akram goes into an all out rant over the Pakistan Cricket squad after their shambolic losses to the USA and India in the T20 World Cup.

Reported by: Pavitra Shome
Wasim Akram | Image: Star Sports / AP

Pakistan have been left in shambles as they have faced losses since commencing their ICC Men's T20 World Cup campaign. They lost to the Monank Patel-led USA side and the Rohit Sharma-led India. Babar Azam and co failed to bounce back into dominance as they failed to capitalize in their latest match against the Men in Blue. Pakistan has been under heavy scrutiny after their shambolic performance. Not just the fans, but the team's former cricketers lambasted the team's recent performance in the marquee tournament. Ex-PAK cricketer Wasim Akram vented his frustrations in an all-out rant over the team.

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Ex-PAK skipper Wasim Akram rages over Pakistan's horror show in T20 World Cup

After the Pakistan team's loss to India, Wasim Akram let all of his frustrations towards the Babar Azam-led team out. After Pakistan's T20 World Cup match against the United States and India, the former captain of the squad was furious with both the team's on-field performance and its off-field antics.


"Pakistan team doesn't need enemies. They themselves are enough. Should we spoon-feed them everything? Should we need to tell them about the situation's awareness? Will Babar do it, or the coach do it? For the last 8-10 years these players are playing. Should I tell Rizwan that their main bowler has come back to pick up a wicket, so take a single?

"You've hardly hit a boundary after 10 overs. Didn't even try. Now I've started feeling embarrassed. As a Pakistani, I want to back Pakistan team but. But there is a limit to everything," Wasim Akram said in a video shared by Star Sports on X (Formerly Twitter).

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Pakistan failed to avenge their embarrassing loss to the US as they failed to capitalize against an associate nation. They had the ultimate chance to defeat India and set a name for themselves in the ICC Men's T20 World Cup campaign. Despite having the odds to their side, Pakistan were handed a heavy loss after India bounced back with their incredible bowling arsenal, led by Jasprit Bumrah. Pakistan's chances to Super 8 are dicey, they still have two group-stage matches left against Canada and Ireland.


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