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Deontay Wilder once again accuses Tyson Fury, says “he flat out cheated” in their Feb bout

Deontay Wilder claimed that Tyson Fury's fingernails somehow penetrated his doctored gloves which allowed him to scratch Wilder's ear, causing it to bleed.

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Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury
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Since his loss to Tyson Fury in February 2020, Deontay Wilder has accused the WBC champion of cheating on multiple occasions. This week he added yet another bizarre excuse for his defeat. While talking to Brian Custer on The Last Stand Podcast, Deontay Wilder claimed that Fury's fingernails somehow penetrated his doctored gloves which allowed him to scratch Wilder's ear, causing it to bleed.

"I haven't yet heard valid proof of how gloves flap all the way back, why your hands were in the middle of the glove, why did my ear have scratches deep inside my ear? Because of your [Fury's] nails," he added.

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Deontay Wilder’s recent comments are a follow-up of the claims he made in his viral Instagram video. In the 2-minute-long video, The Bronze Bomber claimed that The Gypsy King had a hard object concealed within his gloves, because of which he was able to inflict some serious damage on him. He also accused Fury’s teammate, Ricky Hatton, of pulling down Fury’s gloves “to put your hand in the improper position”.

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Wilder vs Fury: Deontay Wilder taking heat from the boxing community

In the past few months, Deontay Wilder has given numerous excuses for his loss. He even accused his former trainer Mark Breland of spiking his water with muscle relaxants. Because of this, Deontay Wilder has been receiving a lot of criticism from fans and fighters alike. A few days ago, boxing legend Mike Tyson asked Deontay Wilder to stop wallowing in self-pity. He claimed The Bronze Bomber should chase his lost WBC heavyweight title and fight Tyson Fury whenever he gets the chance.


Fury @gypsyking101 it is time for you to be a man and honor your agreement. What is this bullshit of you fighting Carlos Takam instead of me, you got to be kidding. When you were going through your darkest time, I told you that if you got yourself together I would give you a title shot. Being a man of my word, I gave you the title shot. When that fight was a draw, I told you that I would give you a rematch. You know I was offered more money to fight Joshua than I was getting to fight you. Again being a man of my word, I fought you like I said I would. In the rematch agreement, there was a rematch clause. Now it is time for you to be a man and honor your word, instead of trying to weasel out of our agreement. Scared people run but a scary man will break his contract you coward Azz B**čh! 🎥 @205willie #BombZquad #TilThisDay #YouThiefPayBackIsComingTrustMe

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Wilder vs Fury: Tyson Fury responds to Deontay Wilder’s accusations

A few weeks ago, Tyson Fury sat down with talkSPORT where he reacted to Deontay Wilder’s claims. While Fury has stated that The Bronze Bomber has “lost his marbles,” he asked his arch-rival to accept the truth and move on. Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder were scheduled to collide in a trilogy bout, but the match was scrapped after the former champion failed to sign the contract. Tyson Fury is now set to defend his title against Agit Kabayel on December 5 at the Royal Albert Hall.

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