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'Better than French League' CR7 drops a bombshell on French League, says Saudi more competitive

Cristiano Ronaldo has dropped a bombshell over the Saudi Football scenario, saying that the league is more competitive than French football.

Reported by: Pavitra Shome
Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates after scoring a goal for his side | Image: X/@AlNassrFC_EN

Cristiano Ronaldo has been thriving in Saudi Arabia since he joined the Saudi Pro League after becoming a part of Al-Nassr. The Portuguese striker has been showcasing his full potential and has had a solid year in 2023. Several have followed Cristiano's steps and joined the SPL, which has led to the competition growing. CR7 recently made a colossal statement on how the Saudi Football League is a powerhouse against French Leagues like Ligue 1.

3 Things you need to know

  • Cristiano Ronaldo joined Al-Nassr from Manchester United
  • Several football superstars joined Saudi's domestic football league after Ronaldo joined Al-Nassr
  • CR7 was recently spotted at the Dubai Globe Soccer Awards

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Ronaldo compares Saudi Football League with French football, Ligue 1 reacts 

Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo claimed that the Saudi league is far more competitive and better than the French one. CR7 was at the Dubai Globesoccer Awards, where he made the statement. While he said that it was his opinion, it was enough to spark a frenzy.


"To be honest I think the Saudi League is not worse than French League, in my opinion. In [the] French league I think you have two, three teams with a good level. In Saudi now I think it's more competitive. They can say whatever they want, it's just my opinion and I played there one year so I know what I'm talking about," Ronaldo said

"But I think right now we are better than [the] French league, we still improve," the Portuguese striker added.


Cristiano's statement was enough to trigger a response, as Ligue 1 shared a graphic of Mbappe and CR7 when PSG and Al-Nassr clashed against each other in a friendlies match.  

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Cristiano Ronaldo received the awards for being honoured as the Best Goal scorer and Fans' Favourite Player of the Year at the Globe Scorer Awards in Dubai.


Published January 20th, 2024 at 13:55 IST