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Diego Maradona's home in Buenos Aires converted into museum dedicated to his early life

Argentina legend Diego Maradona's two-storey home in Buenos Aires has been converted into a museum. Dedicated to his early life, the museum opened in 2016.

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Argentina legend Diego Maradona's two-storey home in Buenos Aires has been converted into a museum which provides fans with a glimpse of his early life before he became a national icon. When a then-15-year-old Diego Maradona was offered his first professional contract by Argentinos Junior, the Buenos Aires property was given to him and his family as part of the negotiations. Diego Maradona reportedly lived in the home between 1978 and 1981, before he left for LaLiga club Barcelona.

Diego Maradona home turned into Maradona museum

Called the "Maradona 'House of God' museum", it was opened in 2016 after former Argentinos Junior manager, Alberto Perez, acquired the property for a reported £82,000 in 2008 and converted it into a shrine for one of the most beloved figures in Argentina. Perez, who is said to be a Diego Maradona memorabilia collector, recreated the property just as it was when Maradona used to live there during his early career.

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To maintain the authenticity of Maradona's former home, Perez replicated the place using the same furnishings and items from the time Maradona lived there which also reportedly includes a record player and a piano - showcasing Diego Maradona's love for music. In order to draw attention from tourists, a mural dedicated to the 1986 World Cup winner can be seen near the entrance. Also, the entrance features a plaque highlighting Maradona's ownership of the place.

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The museum reportedly opened for free in 2016. According to AP, Diego Maradona's tiny room can be found on the upper floor with a small wooden bed on one side. Across the bed, a blue quilt is placed next to a table lamp. Perez told AP that Maradona used to sleep in the room and had a bathroom outside. Perez also said that the Argentine legend always lived with his family during the early part of his career. 

Maradona career, Maradona net worth

Born in Lanus, Buenos Aires, Diego Maradona rose to prominence during his days with Argentinos Junior. His former residence-turned museum played a big part in his early career which saw him move to Boca Juniors before moving abroad thanks to his innate talents. He played for Barcelona between 1982 and 1984 before moving to Italy to play for Napoli.

A seven-year spell at Napoli saw Maradona establish himself as one of the greatest footballers of his time as well as help Argentina win their second World Cup in 1986. Although unverified, according to Celebrity Net Worth, Diego Maradona's net worth is estimated to be just around $100,000. Maradona, who had a fair share of on-field and off-field controversies throughout his career, reportedly owes €37 million ($42 million) to pay the Italian authorities in tax debts.

"This was perhaps the most romantic part of his life, the best time," Alberto Perez explained his stay in the Buenos Aires place. Inside the museum, there are numerous unseen photos of Diego Maradona as well his first professional contract with Argentinos Juniors. Photos of Maradona listening to records in his room to pictures of Maradona with his family can be seen in the museum. As per reports, there are more than 2000 intimate and personal belongings of Maradona in the museum.

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