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'Don't do Cristiano Ronaldo's celebration, do like Messi': Argentine star warned by Angel di Maria

Angel di Maria advises Alejandro Garnacho to emulate Lionel Messi instead of Cristiano Ronaldo in his celebrations after scoring goals.

Aryan Suraj Chadha
Alejandro Garnacho
Alejandro Garnacho | Image:AP

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the greatest players of all time, having profoundly influenced the football world. His exceptional skill, athleticism, and dedication have shaped a generation of young players who emulate his playing style and iconic celebrations, such as the 'sii' chant, showcasing his enduring impact on the sport.  

3 things you need to know 

  • Alejandro Garnacho is a huge Cristiano Ronaldo fan 
  • Angel di Maria has played with both Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi 
  • Alejandro Garnacho has recently done CR7’s celebrations after scoring goals 

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Angel di Maria is not happy with Alejandro Garnacho doing Cristiano Ronaldo’s celebration

Football legend from Argentina, Angel Di Maria, has entered the debate about Manchester United striker Alejandro Garnacho's preferred celebrations. Based on his vast expertise with elite teams like Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain, Di Maria recommended that Garnacho celebrate as Lionel Messi does instead of like Cristiano Ronaldo does.


The long-standing rivalry between Ronaldo and Messi has fueled discussions among fans and analysts over Garnacho's tendency to mimic Ronaldo's celebrations. Some claim that Garnacho's admiration for Ronaldo is innocuous, while others consider it disrespectful considering the rivalry between the two football giants.

From the latter perspective, Di Maria voiced his disdain of Garnacho's decision and provided direction by arguing in favour of a celebration style similar to Messi's. His remarks provide a continuing discussion about Garnacho's idolization and its ramifications in the larger framework of football rivalry in a new dimension. Di Maria said (according to The CR7 timeline on X):


“If I were Garnacho, the only thing I wouldn't do is celebrate like Cristiano Ronaldo. I would do like Messi does.”

“The one who is most annoyed by this (Garnacho celebrating like CR7) and speaks to him is Rodrigo de Paul, and he is the one who annoys him the most with these things, and it is normal.

It's worth noting that Angel Di Maria, who has shared a dressing room with both Ronaldo and Messi, has a unique viewpoint on their relationship. His experience includes playing with Ronaldo at Real Madrid and Messi when they were in Argentina's youth setup.


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Similarly, Alejandro Garnacho has had the opportunity to play with both Ronaldo and Messi. Garnacho has represented Argentina with Messi on the international level, having previously played with Ronaldo at Manchester United.

In terms of on-field performance, Garnacho, 19, has emerged as a key player for Manchester United this season. His contributions include five goals and two assists in 29 games across all competitions, demonstrating his rising prominence in the club.


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