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Football's Dark Shadows: Controversies Rocking the Beautiful Game in 2023

2023 football controversies: kissing scandal, Serie A betting, Dani Alves case, and Brazil match-fixing.

Garvit Parashar
Football controversies in 2023: From Dani Alves to Italian football betting
Football controversies in 2023: From Dani Alves to Italian football betting | Image:ANI

Football never had a dull moment, this game not only creates memorable moments on the field but also has controversies to remember. There were several moments which occurred this year and left the football world in shock. 

1. Controversial Kiss at Women's World Cup:

Imagine a big football win for Spain in the Women's World Cup, a celebration moment! However, it turned into a problem during the prize-giving time. The boss of Spanish football kissed a player, Jenni Hermoso, in a way that made her very unhappy. A lot of people got mad about it, and the boss got into trouble.Later FIFA barred him from doing anything related to football for three years. 

2. Bad Betting in Italian Football:

Italian football, no stranger to off-field controversies, finds itself embroiled in an illegal betting scandal. Approximately 40 Italian players, including prominent figures from Serie A, have become implicated. Juventus midfielder Nicolo Fagioli faced the initial consequences, receiving a seven-month ban, while Newcastle United midfielder Sandro Tonali received a ten-month ban for his involvement.  Many players are helping investigators find out what happened.

3. Serious Issue for Dani Alves:

Former Brazil and Barcelona star Dani Alves faced allegations of sexually assaulting a woman in a Barcelona nightclub, leading to his provisional detention in Spain in January. Alves vehemently denied any wrongdoing, asserting that the encounter was consensual. If they prove he did something wrong, he might go to jail for a long time.

4. Trouble in Brazilian Football:

In Brazil, football had a big problem. Many people, including players and referees, cheated in games in the second division. This made people question if football can be affected by bad things like crime. The authorities caught 18 people involved in a big cheating plan. This didn't just make the game unfair, but it also made people worried about how safe football is from bad people.

These controversies show that sometimes, even in the world of sports, there can be problems that need to be fixed. People are asking questions, and investigations are happening to make sure everyone plays fair and safe.


Published December 30th, 2023 at 22:09 IST

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